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Product Description


Assume you're flying between the mountains and a sea of flowers.

The scent of blueberries is sweet and tart, and it stays in your senses.

This is the blueberry flavor from LEME's classic series. It mixes blueberries' wonderful flavor with herbs' characteristic fresh flavor.

This fantastic flavor offers a tiny capsule option.




Become an LEME heat not burn stick user and benefit from a positive experience. Here's a unique flavor: blueberry. LEME classic e-cigarette stick uses cutting-edge technology to assist smokers quit smoking conventional cigarettes. This type of heat not burn e-cigarette is made with herbs and tea leaves and heated with a special heat device rather from being burned like regular cigarettes.

E-cigarette combined with blueberry offers you a sensation that you won't get from traditional smokes. Do you agree with what we've said? Come on in and give it a go; you'll find your own response.

 LEME blueberry sticks


 Taste sensation: a faint herbal scent gives you the sensation of smoking! Now you can relax and enjoy your non tobacco e-cigarette!



1. Strong throat hit, each puff is the ultimate taste feast.
2. Extracted from pure natural tea, blended herbal essence.
3. No tar, no formaldehyde, and no second-hand smoke damage.
4. Non tobacco ingredient but provide a real smoking feelings.
5. TPD, MSDS, and ROHS are available,make your rest assured.

Our Services

1.LEME is the brand of Mainstay (Guangdong) biotechnology Co., Ltd. If you need OEM, you need to contact the salesperson to recalculate the price.              

2.All pictures in the quotation are shot by LEME, and the copyright belongs to the LEME.              

3.The product picture packaging is for reference only, and it depends on the actual packaging of goods to be delivered.    

4.All the above prices are EXW ex-factory prices, and the logistics and transportation costs are subject to the actual shipment.              

5.All product parameters are verified and provided by LEME testing laboratory.              

6.All products will be packed in seaworthy carton for export.              

7.The quotation is valid within 14 days after the price is received. Please contact the salesperson to update the quotation if the price is overdue.              

8.The price on the quotation is based on foreign exchange exchange rates and raw material prices. If the average exchange rate changes by more than +/- 3% during the Quote Validity

9.Period, the parties will meet to discuss and agree on adjustment of the pricing to reflect such changes.             

10.Payment method: 50% payment in advance, 50% balance payment before shipment.              

11.Return and exchange terms: Our factory adopts fully automatic production line and standardized process. The defect rate is less than 0.01%. If there is a quality problem, a full refund can be made and the payment will be reduced in the next order.              

12.Lead time: The lead time will be determined according to the actual production schedule. Under normal circumstances, the lead time is 25-30 days.                         

13.Certificate of Origin: According to the local policy requirements of the importing country or address, our company will assist in handling and provide the certificate of origin. 



Company Information


Mainstay (Guang Dong) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Dongguan, China. Over the years, we have continued to deeply develop electronic cigarette products and have a strategic layout, forming "non-tobacco" heat-not-burning herbal series, electronic cigarette series, new retail division department, as well as our own brands of LEME, SmokeTalk, etc.


The company integrates R & D, design, technology, production, sales and platform services, aimed at stimulating the strength of each node, and the strength of technology support. We have a faith in building a ecosystem where quality is the root, brand communication can empower, and service is priority.


Adhering to the concept of "open, innovation, science", Mainstay is accelerating the promotion of ecological system construction and the speed of stipulating potential nodes, as well as providing excellent products and service experience for global partners and users.


The LEME e-cigarette brand was established in 2019, mainly based on new heating and electronic herbal stick products, advocating the brand concept of "Enjoy life, have a wonderful experience".



1.Who are we?
We are a factory of heat not burn products which located in Dongguan, China


2. What are our advantages?

  • We have a wide variety of sticks, three series (classic, discovery and fruits series) and different sticks with capsules can meet the needs of different tastes of consumers

  • We have the flexibility to create different stickss to meet the needs of consumers

  • We are a non-tobacco product, which extracts from pure natural tea, blended herbal essence

  • Compared with other heat not burn sticks, we have a high cost performance

3. Can I be a regional agent?

To become an agent of the product area, you need to reach the MOQ, and the MOQ is different for different products. For more information, please contact us, and there will be specialized personnel to answer you.

4.Can you provide the sample?
Yes, we offer sample, But customers need to pay the shipping cost.


5. Is it possible to OEM my own packing?
Yes, we offer OEM service for both heat herbal sticks and heating device too.

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