Косметические средства для ухода за кожей, подтягивает кожу и задерживает старение, КОЛЛАГЕНОВЫЙ ПОРОШОК

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Описание и отзывы


Product Description

1. Moisturizing and moisturizing: collagen molecule contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, so that it has a good moisturizing function, making the skin lasting moisturized, shiny and delicate;
2. Delaying aging: After collagen enters the skin, it can repair the broken and aging elastic fiber network, restore the skin's elasticity, and make the skin flexible and full;
3. Tighten the skin: After being absorbed by the skin, collagen enters the dermal tissue and fills between the skin and the dermis. It can quickly fill up local collapse, increase skin tightness, reduce pores, smooth fine lines, and make the skin tight and elastic.
4. Lighten stains: Collagen can make cells more tightly bonded, speed up the metabolism, promote the shedding of dead skin, prevent melanin deposition, lighten the dark spots that have formed, and make the skin white and the stains fade.
5. Improve hair quality: Collagen can replenish hair nutrition, reduce hair split ends, and make hair moist and elastic.


Beauty Products
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Dosage Form
Product Name
Collagen powder
Main Ingredient
Almond, pea, rice, soy, wheat, sunflower powder
Main function
Beauty skin care
White powder with colorants and flavors.
Shelf life
3 years, subject to store condition.

Company Profile

About Us:
Henan Baishiwei International Trade Co., Ltd. has been committed to creating personalized and fashionable beauty products, to become a public beauty OEM service enterprise serving people with taste and love beauty. We always believe that good products can achieve good reputation. The company has the whole industrial chain of beauty cosmetics system, research and development, design, production, quality inspection, logistics, etc., with strict requirements, constantly create a variety of fashion cosmetics, do not forget the original intention, to create a good experience of "one-stop packaging beauty products.

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