Фабричная белая матовая полипропиленовая печатная пленка Bopp рулоны Двухстороннее покрытие Pp синтетическая бумага для обычной офсетной печати

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Factory Glossy &matt Thermal Lamination Bopp Film Rolls

11 Years Factory
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Our Advantages:
We are the professional certified facility make the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps products.
We have professional engineer team with more than 10 years experience in customized orders.
We have separate purchase and shipping department that can make work become more efficient.
Use the good raw material to make the high quality products.
Excellent quality control of the production, careful inspection the products before delivery, protect your business.
Over 10 years experience of formulation design the Custom packaging & private label.
Experienced in exportation and OEM/ODM customized order, one-stop service, market worldwide.
24 hours service, reply you soon.
Welcome to visit our factory any time!

Products Description

About this item

Tape Rolls - Perfect for quickly packaging and sealing, Compared with the similar products, this packaging tape is more cost-effective.

Strong Adhesive - BOPP and strong film for a variety of applications. The extra strength of the material prevents clear packing tape damage during shipping.

High Quality - This Film are very good in thickness, toughness and adhesion and will not tear or split easily. It can be transported and stored in any temperature and environment.

Application - Mainly used for carton packing and sealing, shipping, Light duty packaging, bundling,wrapping, household, holding and other office & household use.

Product Name
Bopp 12800mm Jumbo Tape Film
Waterproof, Strong sticky, Low noise type, No bubble
Customized, 34mic~95mic
Customized 500mm, 980mm, 1000mm, 1010mm, 1270mm, 1280mm, 1310mm and 1610 mm etc.
Customized, or as normal 
Core size
Customized or clear,  yellow etc.
Logo print
Custom personal label or No.
Sample is free, but the buyer should afford the shipping freight
Lead Time
Around 5-15 working days according to the order quantity

High Quality Material
(BOPP) Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer, which means it is pliable above a certain temperature, and returns to the solid state after cooling.

Resistant to Tearing and Splitting
These tapes come with a strong adhesive and tough durability making it the perfect product to use for shipping and/or storing
packages. Resists breakage and seam splitting during application.

Tips for choosing packing tape
ow to Choose the Best Packaging Tape?
1. Look at the Tape's Grade. Grade is used to describe the thickness of tape backing and the level of adhesive applied. ...
2. Consider the Environments Your Tape Will Encounter. ...
3. Think About the Packing Tape Adhesion Surface. ...
4. Decide on the Right Application Method. ...
5. Don't Forget About Quality.

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Company Profile

was established in 2013, in Guangzhou China. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating the design, production, processing and distribution of the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps...
Our factory covers an area of over 5000 square meters, with advanced production equipments, professional technical personnel and a modern management team.
Through more than ten years' development, CUHOON has become one of the most reputable packing products enterprises in China. CUHOON has always been insisting on the quality standard of "high standard, refinement, zero-defect and
strict production & processing flow from high grade material selection, technique to structure and quality check". Each step is orderly, and each procedure is checked strictly by professional technicians to ensure that our products quality will always meet customers' requirements. At the same time, by paying close attention to the production management and service awareness, we have formed scientific values of "people foremost, regard factory as home, integrity first, take value creation as pride", and these have motivated each employee's greatest potential and promoted our team's cooperative spirit. They have constantly improved themselves to create first rate job performance, making our products be well received by the market. CUHOON has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of well-known large enterprises for excellent quality, high cost performance and good service.
At here, CUHOON wishes to make persistent efforts for all the new and old customers in the world.

Production Show

Advanced Equipment and Experienced QC Team will check material, semi-finished and finished products strictly in every step before shipping.


Professional certified facility make the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps products
Use good material; Well-equipped facilities; Quality is first; Customer is supreme;Soon delivery...

Customer Review

Good Quality Packing Tape!
Seems to be decent packing tape. I was unable to find or determine the MIL thickness, but the description indicates that it can hold 50 lbs. It’s definitely better quality than other tapes I’ve used in the past, where the tape adhesive peels off the box. It’s advertised as “premium”. Seems to me that anytime you can get premium packing tape roll, it’s a good deal.

Matt and Jessi
This tape is a good find. It's well-made and works as it should.

Brenda O
Best tape ever!‍♀️
This is the best tape, it sticks well and doesn’t break, it’s not to thick or to thin.

Yoyo yo
Excellent Tape
I use a roll of tape every couple of days and do not use a tape gun. This tape has pretty good thickness, excellent adhesion and very good quality. This is the first tape value/quality where I do not have any complaint whatsoever but only positive comments, if you are looking for a good priced tape this is it look no further. Any similarly priced tape will not be as good at all, been there, done that.

Cleany Freaky
Heavy Duty, Great Quality, No Chemical Odor
Great quality and REALLY heavy duty unlike some out there that say they are heavy duty. It's the same quality as a competitor I've purchased from however I didn't like that there was an odor to the competitor's tape, so I prefer this tape. No chemical odor. I would purchase it again.
Javier Pezua Diaz
VERY STRONG tape! Removes cleanly!
I really like this tape and have used it for years. I do light shipping, and the adhesion is super strong. I'm confident that nothing will loosen once dropped off. Another great benefit, which I'm surprised they don't advertise, is if you apply this tape to plastic, metal of glass items, and then remove it, THERE IS NO RESIDUE! I've held metal items together for years, and when removed it. This tape comes off 100% clean.

Mystery Co.
This tape is thick and it sticks!
It's really a good thickness and it sticks to our shipping boxes no problem!! Best tape we've found on the market for our company.

Armida Morris
good packing tape
I seldom write reviews, but this packing tape deserves it. We have a online store and need to pack and ship huge packages each day, thus using lots of tape. And always try to find a good tape with good price and good quality.
We have ordered many brand's tape, while this one is the most cost effective, total 12rolls plus a dispenser, and the dispenser work well too.
Tape thickness is ok, not too thick, but thick enought to guarantee our box secure, really good item, we like this brand tape and its price. We'll be repeat clients!

Thomas Reynolds
Quality tape, sticks well
This packing tape fits standard dispensers and tape guns. The adhesive seems to be a little different than brand name tape, because the tape comes off the roll smoothly and pretty quietly compared to brand name tape. It's hard to tell, but the tape itself seems to be a little thin, but I tried tearing it and it seems just as strong as brand name tape. I also gave it a bit of a test. We're in a heat wave with high humidity, so I stuck a strip of the tape on a corrugated cardboard box and left it outside overnight to see if it stayed stuck. And it did.

Jill T.
Sticky and strong
We needed a stronger tape at work for some heavier boxes. So many that we tried would not hold, or would break and get caught in the dispenser. This tape is fantastic, it hold very tightly and never breaks or jams up the dispenser. We will be ordering more.


What is the difference between packing tape and shipping tape?
Shipping Tape vs Packing Tape
They might look similar, but shipping tape and packing tape are not the same. Shipping tape is lighter and thinner, as it is only meant to tape up boxes that aren't too heavy. Shipping tape can withstand plenty of handling, but may not stand up to the rigors of long-term storage.

What is the packaging tape made of?
Choose the Right Type of Packing Tape for Your Boxes
Shipping box-sealing tapes use hot melt synthetic rubber resin as adhesive while storage packing tapes seal with acrylic

What is the difference between duct tape and packing tape?
While duct tape works for just about everything, it is not advised as a packing tape alternative. Unlike standard shipping tape, duct tape uses a rubber adhesive. ... Duct tape generally doesn't adhere well to cardboard and can be very expensive compared to other packing tapes.

Is packing tape toxic?
BOPP Packing Tape Jumbo Roll is made of adhesive and film. It has the taste of glue or glue additive. It has very little poison, but it generally does not affect the user. ... Some people use the tape to break between them when they use the tape.

Can packing tape be used on walls?
Most types of tape are not suitable for painted walls.
So, try to avoid any of the following: Duct tape. Flex tape. Packing tape.

Does packing tape stick to plastic?
It is designed to stick to both surfaces and especially work well with paper, wood, or plastic. When it comes to construction they make for neater solutions than glue.

Is clear packing tape waterproof?
Packing tape, also known as parcel tape or box-sealing tape is not waterproof, however it is water-resistant. While the
polypropylene or polyester make it impermeable to water it is not waterproof as the adhesive will quickly become loose when exposed to water.

Is brown tape stronger than clear tape?

We offer a range of different colour Printed packing tape that can be used for any items. The clear packing tape is perfect for a seamless finish for a clean looking parcel, which gives off a great reputation for your company. The brown packing tape is perfect for a stronger hold and for lager parcels.

Can I use normal tape instead of packing tape?
It is not recommended to use scotch tape on labels of packages instead shipping tape is normally recommended to use for international shipping. Shipping tape is also recommended because it bears the weight of a package, box, or palatalized cargo for a long time.

Does it matter what tape you use on a package?
Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape. Do not use cord, string, twine, masking, or cellophane tape.

How long does packing tape last?
Packing tape, also sold as storage tape, is designed to survive up to 10 years of heat, cold and humidity without cracking or losing its stick.

What is carton sealing tape used for?
General Information: Carton sealing tapes are generally used for packing and sealing boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes sealed with the proper carton sealing tape maintain their integrity and hold their contents securely.

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