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Product Feature

Inflatable Swimming Armband Feature
-Made of durable PVC vinyl
-Measures 23x 15cm (9"X6")inflate size
-Heavy-Duty Repair Patch Included

-Easy to inflate and deflate
- Lightweight design
-Inflatable armbands, usually referred to as simply armbands, water wings, swimmies, or floaties, are swim aids designed to help wearer float in water and learn to swim.
-Age recommendation: 3-12 years
skype: canbbylife

-Inflatable swim armband Perfect for pools, beach, lake, ocean or outdoor swimming pool.
Warning: Not suitable for children under 7 years. Use only in shallow water under adult supervision.
-heißer Verkauf aufblasbarer Pool-Schwimmer (Pool Lounge-Schwimmer aufblasbar)
-горячая распродажа надувной поплавок для бассейна, надувной надувной бассейн для отдыха
-Flotteur de piscine gonflable offre spéciale, flotteur de salon de piscine gonflable
-hete verkoop opblaasbare zwembad float (zwembad lounge float opblaasbare)
-venda quente piscina inflável float, pool lounge float inflável
-galleggiante gonfiabile della piscina di vendita calda (galleggiante gonfiabile del salotto della piscina)

-flotador inflable de la piscina de la venta caliente, flotador inflable del salón de la piscina

Advantage Of Our Air Bed Mattress
1)they are available ,so you can get them in short time after you placed order
2) durable pvc material for adult use,aslo it is easy to take out ,move it, storage .
3)since we produced the air bed in bulk order, stocked them in our warehouse, then produce cost is low, so we sell in competitive price for you developing market
4)various color and size inflatable product provided,so you can buy different pools from us
5)source best shipping service for customer if needed,also source other goods for customer
6)it is comfortable,light and inexpensive ,fun for summer season

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Product Description

Inflatable armbands are typically cylindrical, inflatable plastic bands that are inflated and worn on the upper arms. When the wearer is in water, the air inside the armbands provides buoyancy, helping the wearer float. Although often thought of as a swimming aid for children, armbands are also available in adult sizes.
National safety standards such as BS EN 13138-3:2007 in the United Kingdom require inflatable armbands to conform to certain standards, like puncture resistance and the level of buoyancy retained after a period of time beyond the inflation valve being opened and left open. This is an assessment of the efficiency of non-return valves designed to prevent the armbands from deflating suddenly if an inflation valve comes open. Standards also require prominent labelling near the inflation valves stating that inflatable armbands are not life preservers and should only be used under competent supervision. Supervisors should be in the water within an arm's reach of the person wearing inflatable armbands.
We provide various water pool series inflatable products such as hot sale inflatable animal float,INFLATABLE pool lounge,island,swim ring,armband,inflatable pool float,pool chair,beach ball,inflatable pool float


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