(DCM750) преобразователь транскодеров udp в hls для цифрового кабеля ТВ iptv headend

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Product Description


Product Overview

udp to rtmp transcoder iptv gateway 80hd/sd channels LAN ip to WAN ip protocol conversion


DCM750 is a powerful, yet low power consumption, rack-mount IPTV Gateway Controller& Control Interface for 24/7 operation. Its modular design enables integrators and operators to select from various protocol to customise operation and on-going service.


It can convert the broadcast network IP stream over HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP and HLS and TS file into HTTP, UDP, HLS and RTMP protocol. The platform can achieve the integration by receiving a variety of commercial streaming media services, and can provide streaming media services directly.


Designed for the centralised control of Android STB’s the control protocol conversion function acts, used for the protocol conversion scenarios and streaming media distribution scenarios, to the commonly deployed STB’s in the hotel, hospitality, corporate, education and entertainment sectors.

Key Features

  • low power consumption, rack-mount design

  • 8 Data ports:

    • First Data port: IP out over HTTP, UDP (SPTS), HLS and RTMP

    • Data CH1~CH7 ports: IP in over HTTP, UDP (SPTS), RTP (SPTS), RTSP and HLS

    • IP out over HTTP, HLS and RTMP (Unicast)

  • TS files uploading through Web management

  • IP anti- jitter function

  • adding scrolling caption, welcome words, boot image and boot video

  • Support downloading Dibsys IPTV APK directly from this device   

  • Up to 80 HD/SD programs (Bitrate: 2Mbps) When HTTP/RTP/RTSP/HLS is converted into UDP (Multicast)

  • Support program playing with APK downloaded android STB and TV, maximum 150 terminals

  • Control via web-based NMS management through DATA port

 Protocol conversion


Technical Specifications


CH1 ~ CH7(1000M)

over HTTP, UDP(SPTS), RTP(SPTS), RTSP (over UDP, payload: mpeg TS) and HLS

TS files uploading through Web management

IP Output

Data port (1000M)

over HTTP (Unicast), UDP(SPTS, Multicast) HLS and RTMP (Program source should be

H.264 and AAC encoding)




Solid-State Disk(SSD)


Channel switching time

HTTP (1-3s), HLS (0.4-0.7s)


scrolling caption

welcome words boot image

boot video (only in IP out application and the STB/Android TV installed DIBSYS IPTV APK)

maximum 150 terminals

Play programs with APK downloaded android STB and TV


web-based NMS

maximum 80 HD/SD programs

Bitrate 2Mbps each programs

HTTP/RTP/RTSP/HLS is converted into UDP (Multicast), the actual application shall prevail, and suggest maximum 80% CPU utilization


Power Supply

AC 100V±10%  50/60Hz or AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz



Operating temperature

-10 ~ 50

Storage temperature

-10 ~ 75


10 ~ 90% non-condensed




  • IPTV Gateway Controller& Control


  • Contribution and Distribution


  • Protocol conversion scenarios


Contact us

Sales Manager: Sophie Chen

Skype: dibdvb08

Email: sophie at dibdvb.com

Phone/whatsapp/Wechat: +86 13429126900



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