(CMTS8100) CMTS для iptv стример и MPEG видео Edge QAM IP-модулятор для телевизионной системы трансляции

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Product Description



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• 19 inch standard 1U machine-case design
• 1 SFP interface and 1 1000M LAN business port
• 1 100M LAN management interface
• 1 RF US and 1 RF DS, separately
• Support bulit in IPQAM module
• 4channels US, bandwidth is160Mbps, 16 channels DS,bandwidth is 800Mbps.
• Maximum output signal is 105dbuv
• Power supply is 220V/110V,less than 40W
• Upsream frequency range:5-65Mhz, down stream frequency range:87~1000Mhz

Technical specifications     

DS channel specification
QAM standard :Annex A,B, C
QAM modulation :64QAM,256QAM
Uni-channel speed :36M@64QAM;51M@256QAM
DS channels :16
DS maxi speed :800Mbps
Work prequency :87Mhz - 1000Mhz
Channel bandwidth :8Mhz
Input power :50dbmv(8 channels);45dbmv(16 channels)
Power adjusted step :0.5db
Post MER :42db
External noise :<-20dbm

US channel specification
US channels :4
US modulation :QFSK,16QAM,64QAM
Uni-channel speed :0.32Mbps - 40Mbps
US maxi speed :160Mbps
Input frequency range :5Mhz - 65Mhz
Input level range :=H21

RF output specification
RF IN interface :F connector,75
RF IN quantity :1xRFup
RF OUT interface :F,75
RF OUT amount :1xRFdown

Data interface specification
Net port speed :10/100/1000Mbps
Net port type :2 RJ45;1 SFP
Full speed support : Support
Built-in ONU module:   Not support

Management specification
RS232 Serial:    Support
Command line(CLI):  Support
Telnet or SSH:   Support
SNMPv1,v2,v3:   Support
DOCSIS MIBs:     Support

Other functions
Maxi CM amount :500
Dynamic load balance: Support
DHCP relay :option82,option60
Qos:  Support
VLAN process: Support

Environment specification
Work temperature :-25℃ - 75℃
Humility :10% - 90%
Alone supply :90 - 264V
Power :<35w
60V centralized supply:  Not support
Size(mm) :483×410×43

General Introduction    

The 1 RU chassis CMTS product follow DOCSIS 3.0 standard ,Using the full DOCSIS3.0, chassis CMTS and user device fits international DOCSIS standard, effectively meet the technical standard of future DOCSIS. This product support 16 downstream channels to 800Mbps; 4 upstream channels to 160Mbps, fulfilling the broadband accessing of 960Mbps.


 It can support 511 Cable Modems online simultaneously, fully compatible with the DOCSIS2.0, 3.0 Cable Modem.

This device deployed in front end, and completely instead of 1 RU CMTS.The next generation DOCSIS3.0 network uses this, mixing the advantage of broadcasting and flexible data interactive about IP net, to promote the value of broadcasting HFC net, is the "trump card" of the Broadcasting accessing reform.


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