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Product Description


Ferrosilicon is composed of iron and silicon alloy. Ferro silicon so often used as a deoxidizer in steel making, and because when SiO2 release a lot of heat generated in the deoxygenation the same time, improve the molten steel temperature is also beneficial. At the same time, but also as an alloying element silicon iron join agent, widely used in low-alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel and electrical silicon steel among silicon iron in ferroalloy production and chemical industry, often used as a reducing agent.

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Company Information

Xi'an Sibide Petrochemical Co., Ltd.  is a professional supplier of ferrosilicon, semi coke, pitch coke, calcined pitch coke, Fischer Tropsch wax.   Our price is very competitive in the market.   Our company is located in Xi'an, China.  

Packaging & Shipping

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Q1: What's the MOQ of trial order?
A1: Usually the MOQ is 24MT, which is the loading capacity of 1 20ft container.


Q2: What certificats do you have?
A2: ISO9001 and others.

Q3: How long is the delivery time?
A3: The delivery time will be determined according to the quantity of the order.

Q4: What are the payment terms?
A4: Usually T/T,but L/C are available too.

Q5: Do you provide samples?
A5: Yes, samples are free for you, you just need to bear the freight.

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