Готовый к поставке блок питания P221c m20s m30s

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Product Description

 Product Name:   What Power Supply
 Power Specifications:  P221C AC220V~240V
 Working Temperature:  -5℃~35℃
 Size:  310mm*160mm*100mm
 Weight:   3.5KG
 Networking connecttion mode:  Ethernet
 Power line:  IEC C19,≥16A
 Advantage:  High hashrate/ High efficiency/All in one



Product Image


P221C 05_.jpgP221C 06_.jpg21E lily 01.jpg




Company Information







Packaging & Shipping



Our company adopts standardized packing to ensure that the products are in good

condition during transportation.Through the cooperation with the powerful freight company to ensure that you can receive the goods in the first time






Q: How did you get the power supply and other accessories?

A: We are the authorized distributor , we get them from factory directly and first.


Q: How long is your warranty?

A: We come with a one-year warranty on all our new products. 


Q: What's your delivery time?


A: If it is a miner in Guangdong province, the delivery time is generally 2-3 days, the miner from other provinces will take about 7 working days.


Q: How do I pay?

A: The payment methods we support include RMB, Bitcoin,USD,USDT, Western Union, etc


Q: Do you accept future bookings?

A: Our futures contract is usually signed for 60% of the deposit, the remaining 40% with freight paid before the delivery date.


Q: What is the relationship between DSD and DJ?

A:DSD is for ip cctv  business, DJ miner is  for miners business,they all belong to one person's company.


For more information , Send us inquiry today!



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