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Introduction Of The Canned Stewed Beef
1. What's the canned stewed beef?
Braised beef is a traditional dish with spicy and spiced tastes. The main material is beef with other accessories. Beijing cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine all have this dish, which is deeply loved by the public.
2. What's the advantage of the canned stewed beef?
Because of its own manufacturing technology, canned stewed beef is easy to carry and use in various occasions while ensuring its nutrition.


Canned stewed beef is rich in a variety of trace elements and nutrition, perfect for different food, such as noodles, rice, etc. delicious in your homemade baked recipe or right from the can as a simple side dish.
Because of the canned package, it is also perfect for the outside food.




“Military quality whole people sharing” is our Enterprise mission.
During the past 60 years, Oceane Food CO., LTD, Company has for the Tangshan earthquake of 76, 98 fighting a flood, 08 the wenchuan earthquake, and Chinese peacekeeping troops and engineering units provides a large number of high-quality military food .
Made a major contribution for the army's logistical support. The older generation of state leaders, comrade Zhu De, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, comrade Yang Shangkun and other state and military leaders have repeatedly visited the factory.

With 60 years history, no matter for high energy bar, canned food series, meal ready to eat, all the food series all insist on the high quality and get the popular from the whole people.




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