ПВХ маслозабор стрела для сдерживания на водной стреле барьер

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Company Information

12 Years Factory producing oil containment boom, OEM and ODM for most of famous brand and best seller on Amazon

- 12 years factory

- more than 100 workers

- 8000 sqm workshop

- Customized gas grill cover


Product Description

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The solid float PVC boom is an economical,universal boom for intercepting oil spills and other floats on waters.It is suitable for the permanent,stationary deployment on waters.Thanks to its fast deployment and easy operation,it is widely used on rivers,harbors,lakes,offshore oil platforms and other waters.pvc oil fence boom for containment on water boom barrier for oil containment pvc oil containment boom

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The solid float rubber boom is the important equipment used for preventing spilled oil on waters from diffusion and transfer.It is widely used for long-term deployment on waters such as open seas,bays,harbors,rivers,oil platform,oil-refining plants,oil piers,oil storage,sea bathing area,etc. And also for emergent use in oil spilling accidents.

oil containment boom (2).jpg

Fabricated with special rubber cloth to form the main body,thus high intensity,long endurance,oil-resistance,erosion-resistance are ensured.

oil containment boom (3).jpg

Covered with fire-proof rubber cap which can meet the requirment of fire-resistance.

oil containment boom (4).jpg

Special designed solid floats with higher buoyancy,boom body uniformly exerted by forces,with higher overall strength and good vertical stability.

oil containment boom.png

Chain-wrapped tensioned counterweight reinforces intensity of oil barrier.Oil containment boom skirt can form a concave facilitating to retain oil,and there is good oil retaining status in high-speed water flow,namely”concave effect”.

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