Женские туфли на плоской подошве, недорогие туфли для мам, 2021

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                                          Read the text carefully before buying
Stocklot mixed shoes = random design and number of colors
1) Various styles and colors are sold together, please refer to the picture style for details, the quantity and color areuncertain
2) Most of them are leftover products from our completed orders, so they have different styles. The quality is the same as the   original order, 30% 50% discount
3) You cannot choose the model, but you can roughly choose the number of yards you need
4) Suitable for wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets or outlet stores and online shops
  1)You will get a variety of designs, colors and sizes, which means you can provide your customers with more choices
2) You will get brand new shoes without damage, defective or dirty.
3) 30% 50% discount is a crazy price much lower than the factory price, it can help you save 40% 60% of the original price
3)Fast delivery! Delivery time is 1-7 days after payment
4)Our company will provide you with perfect service

Company Profile

Fujian Guocheng Shoes & Clothing Co., Ltd.
Fujian Guocheng Shoes & Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is located in Chendai Industrial Zone, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. With the development of e-commerce, we are now engaged in inventory shoes and ODM. We are a wholesaler of stock shoes. We have a 4000 square meter warehouse, full of (300,000-500,000 pairs) shoes.

Sample Room

Production Process



Product Packaging


1. Question: What are stock shoes??
Inventory shoes refer to the existing shoes in the warehouse, which come from the rest of the regular orders of customers. They are finished shoes in the warehouse, with existing styles, colors and sizes.

2. Question: Why are your stock shoes so cheap? Is the quality bad?
Our stock shoes come from customers' remaining regular orders, and the material cost has been included in the order. Therefore, for the remaining orders, we only need to include the cost of lathe, molding and packaging. Therefore, the price of stock shoes is 30% lower than normal orders. 50%, the quality is the same as our regular order. As you know, it is impossible to produce such a high-quality product at such a low price, so our stock shoes have the most competitive price.

3.What is the size? What is the size ratio?
The size range is male 39-45 female 36-40, the normal size ratio is 1:2:1

4.What is the standard size, Chinese size or European size?
The dimensions of our products comply with international standards, with a tolerance of 0.5 cm-1.5 cm.

5. Can we choose the style, color and size?
You are welcome to choose the style and color for the entire style of shoes, but the size will be provided in accordance with the existing size ratio, rather than according to your special requirements. Due to the stock of footwear, it is impossible to produce the same style at such a low price after being sold out. If we provide you with a size according to your special requirements, the size will be incomplete and will become a mixed style. The price we provide is the best, so it is difficult for us to lose cost due to other reasons.

6:What is the packaging method and weight?
For a complete carton, one box is 24 pairs and one pair is about 0.8 kg, so there is about 19 kg per carton

7:What is the payment method?
Our company's payment methods are wire transfer, bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram.

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