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Hot sale N,N'-Diphenyl-1,4-phenylenediamine DPPD Antioxidant H



Antioxidant H (DPPD) cas 74-31-7 details

English alias: N, N-diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine
English abbreviation: Antioxidant H DPPD
CAS : 74-31-7
Molecular formula: C18H16N2
Molecular weight: 260.34
Specific gravity: 1.2
Solubility: Dissolve in benzene, toluene, ether and acetone. Dissolve slightly in ethanol. Insoluble in water.
Boiling point: 220-225℃, 0.5mmHg
Stability and reactivity: Flammable. When exposed to air or sunlight, the product will be oxidized and change its color. When contacted with hot dilute hydrochloric acid, it becomes green.



Application of Antioxidant H (DPPD) cas 74-31-7

Antioxidant H DPPD is a strong antioxidant properties of amine antioxidants, like general amine antioxidants, it has strong protective performance to heat, oxygen, light aging factors, in addition it also has obvious protective effect on ozone and harmful metals such as copper, manganese cause of ageing.


Antioxidant H DPPD has a good protective effect on environmental heat, oxygen, light, ozone and other factors in the product, and it has obvious effect in chloroprene rubber. Antioxidant H DPPD is used in rubber products, its flexural performance and crack resistance are improved remarkably.


Antioxidant H DPPD is widely used in various kinds of industrial rubber products, especially suitable for all kinds of automobile tires, motorcycle tires, moped, tire tread compound, it is often used in all kinds of belt, transmission belt, conveyor belt, etc., as well as a variety of rubber pad and wire and cable. It is also used for daily necessities such as soles.


Antioxidant H (DPPD) cas 74-31-7 Packing and Storage 

25kg per bag, packaged in paper bag lined with plastic bag , it should be stored in a cool and ventilated place. Its shelf life is 12 months. After the specified date, if the product reinspection is still up to standard, it can continue to be used.







Initial melting point, ℃




Ash content, %(m/m)




Decrement by heating, %(m/m)




Remainder through sieving (100 mesh), % (m/m)





Grey or brown powder



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