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Best Price Exhaust Flexible Pipe 42/45/48*200 mm Flex Pipe Connector For Car Exhaust System~


Flexible Exhaust Pipe Connector:
It is installed in the exhaust pipe between the engine exhaust branch pipe and the muffler, which makes the connection of the entire exhaust system flexible and plays a role in reducing noise. Easy to install and extend the life of exhaust noise reduction system.

Mainly used for light trucks, small passenger cars and buses. The structure is a double-layer corrugated pipe covered with a steel wire mesh sleeve, and the two ends are a straight edge segment outer snap ring structure. In order to improve the noise reduction effect, an expansion joint or mesh sleeve can be installed in the bellows.

Product Details

Double Layer Auto Exhaust Flexible Engine Pipe for truck
-1. Suitable for a wide range of the tail pipe link.
-2. We can make parts with a high degree of flexibility.
-3. In particular, we increase the height of the bellows to enhance the effectiveness of vibration absorption.
-4. This product is used in exhaust system and high-and low-temperature.
-5. It can decrease engine noise and vibration.

Differert Types Exhaust Pipe Connectors

Type 1.
Interlock Pipe + Bellow + Outer Braid + Cap

Type 2.
Bellow + Outer Braid + Cap

Type 3.
Inner braid + Bellow + Outer Braid + Cap

Type 4.
TYPE1/2/3 + Nipple


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304 mill certificate
EN certificate for steel strip

Company Profile

We are a professional manufacturer of all types of metal flexible metal hose making machines and machinery with more than 35 years of history, such as corrugated metal hose making machine, interlock hose making machine etc... These hoses are widely used in energy, petroleum, petrochemical, machinery, refrigeration, construction, hydropower, nuclear power, cement, paper, medicine, transportation, mining, metallurgy, urban central heating, shipbuilding, city gas, natural gas pipeline construction, Central air conditioning, aerospace and other industries. Our machines have exported to many countries such as Russia, Ukraine, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, etc..

Packing & Delivery


Q: Why so many suppliers choose us?
A: Because we are one of the most professional manufacturers of the flexible exhaust pipe with more than 25 years of experience.

Q: What is the delivery time about the order?
A: The delivery time would be depended to your quantity, usually from 7~20 days

Q: How about the payment terms?
A: Normally 30% deposit in advance, the balance should paid before shipment.

Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free or charged?
A: Yes, we can offer free samples but courier costs covered by the customer.

Q: Can the products be manufactuered by customer's requirement?
A: Yes, the specifications stated above are the standard ones, we can design and manufacture as requirement.

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