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1.The current market is dealing with crude oil, waste engine oil, gear oil, oil sludge, waste plastic oil, waste tire oil and other waste oils for refining diesel projects, because the raw oil contains a large amount of sulfur, ash, gum, carbon deposits, etc. Because of the impurity and fine metal particles, the oil product is easy to change color, and the amount of gum in the oil product increases, and the unqualified indicators can lead to unusable and damage the equipment.
2.According to years of waste oil distillation experience, whether it is continuous production in tube furnace or intermittent production in horizontal furnace, the quality of oil is improved during the distillation process, and it is simpler and more convenient in the later refining and blending process, which meets and adapts to the current domestic and foreign oil The quality requirements of products are getting higher and higher.
3.Now the special catalyst for waste oil can be used in the catalytic tower and can be used for a long time. It can effectively and obviously improve the quality of the oil, including the improvement of the color, density, taste, reduction of sulfur content and other indicators.

Catalyst raw material composition:
The gas phase catalyst is composed of alumina powder, molecular sieve, catalytic cracking catalyst (including rare earth), and binder.



























3.Applicable raw materials:
Crude oil, waste engine oil, gear oil, sludge, waste plastic oil, waste tire oil and other liquid raw materials
4.Catalyst use temperature conditions:
The gas phase catalyst has the best reaction effect between 250°C and 450°C in the distillation equipment. It can be used twice but needs to be processed at high temperature again, but the effect is reduced by about 30-50%.
Gas-phase catalyst is used for gas-phase catalysis. It is packed in the catalytic tower. The bottom of the catalytic tower is filled with ceramic packing. Be careful not to contact with the liquid. The catalyst is packed on it. The filling amount of the two depends on the oil volume of the equipment. The space velocity is guaranteed. Under the right conditions, safety and catalytic effects can be ensured, and all the pyrolysis of the tail oil from the first oil to the end of the refining can be achieved, and the oil produced has a small taste, a clear color and no turbidity. The quality of oil has been significantly improved, and the later use can reduce the pollution of the atmosphere, truly achieve resource recycling, no secondary pollution, and become a green and environmentally friendly high-tech new energy. In the distillation process, the light components in the early stage and the heavy components in the later stage of the equipment are best not to pass through the catalytic tower with the catalyst. This can extend the service life of the catalyst and reduce the use cost.
6.Catalyst packaging, marking, transportation, storage:
1,This product is packed in plastic bags lined with plastic woven bags for external use or as required by customers
2,This product has strong water absorption, so pay attention to moisture-proof during transportation.
3,This product should avoid contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals during storage, and it should not be stored in


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