JK11S регулируемый таймер задержки цикла реле включения/выключения 12 В постоянного тока 0-60 минут переключатель управления Переключатель петля релейный модуль Плата

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JK11S Adjustable Cycle Delay Timer On-off Switch Relay DC 12v 0-60min Trigger Control Switch Loop Relay Module Board JK11


Product Description



1. High-performanced, compatible and reliable.
2. 100% original and up-to-date.
3. Secure and environment-friendly
4. high-levelled low-power-consumption designed
5. Durable, steady and stable
6.The sensor module/board are used in ardui starter kits,stem kit&electronic equipment

Module number
Output voltage
DC 12V
Time range
60 seconds
China made
T/T, Western Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance, Paypal, Cash (in RMB)

Voltage: 12V DC
Quiescent current: <10mA
Dynamic current: 45mA 
Trigger: passive switch trigger, response time is 0.03 seconds (the trigger terminal can not access the active signal)
Minimum on-off time: 0.2 seconds
Load capacity: 10A(AC0-250V, DC0-30V)
Output form: normally open + normally closed
Size: 70*20*18mm

- Using industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer to control time, high precision and stable performance;
- Two adjustable resistors are used to adjust the time, and the connection duration and the disconnection time can be
independently adjusted;
- The external contact is activated, and the timing is started by shorting the self-reset button. It is also possible to start the countdown by shorting the triggers together to achieve power-on;
- The time range is divided into 0-100 seconds.

Basic working principle:
Taking the factory standard setting as an example, the red LED will light when the power is turned on, and the relay is in the off state. When shorted at the trigger end, the module green light is on and immediately enters the working state. Triggering again in the working state will stop working.
In the working state, the relay will pass T1 seconds, break T2 seconds, pass T1 seconds, break T2 seconds… infinite loop. T1 T2 is the length of time the user adjusts with an adjustable resistor.

- Power access:
The module is connected to the power supply according to the correct power supply voltage and polarity. The red line of the power supply terminal is positive and the black line is negative.
- Trigger line access:
The two white lines of the trigger end are connected to a switch, and the module can be started by tapping the switch, and then the switch is stopped by tapping the switch. The trigger switch can be a tact switch, a micro switch, an optocoupler C-E terminal,a relay contact, and the like.
- Normal speed and quick mode settings: 
The OP1 jumper is used to select normal speed and fast mode, and the shipment defaults to normal speed.
- Loop mode and single mode settings:
The OP2 jumper is used to select the loop mode and the single mode, and the shipment defaults to the loop mode.
Cycle mode: After starting, the relay is on-off-on-off-disconnect…, and it is cycled according to the set duration; Single trigger: After starting, the relay is turned on, and the relay is turned off after T1 duration. (After disconnection, the action ends and waits for trigger again)

1. The module power supply is not protected against reverse protection, because it is important to remember that the power supply cannot be connected.
2. The trigger terminal can only be connected to the passive switch, not to the voltage signal. Doing so can damage the module.
3. When the resistance load is connected, no special treatment is needed; when the capacitive load is connected, the relay module is easily damaged by electricity. It is recommended to use the AC contactor derated or the contact current of the motor should be considered within 10A.

Package Included:
1 x JK11S Delay Adjustable Multi-function Relay Module

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