HRBI 1 кг металлический слиток висмута

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99.99% 4N Bismuth Ingot Used in Bismuth Alloy


Bismuth is a brittle metal with a white, silver-pink color and it’s stable in both dry and moist air at ordinary

temperatures. Bismuth has a wide range of uses which take advantage of its unique properties such as it

non-toxicity, low melting point, density, and appearance properties.



1. High Purity: Bi 99.99%( 4N) up

2. Shape: Lump, Ingot, Powder or as required
3. MOQ: 1kg

4. Weight: 1kilograms to 15kilograms per ingot

5. Prompt Delivery: in 3-6 days





Product NameBismuth Ingots
ColorWhite or Pink
Packing detailsWooden case
Melting point271.4°C
Weight per ingot16kg/ ingot
FeatureSoft and brittle
ShapeLump or customized
CAS No7440-69-9



 1.Metal alloys with other metals such as iron, to create alloys to go into automatic sprinkler systems for fires.

 It was also used to make bismuth bronze which was used in the Bronze Age.
 2.Replace lead to be used as fishing sinker, shots, bullets.
 3.Electronics as a component of low-melting point solders, as a replacement for traditional tin-lead solders.
4.Added into low melting point alloy, which can be used to make automatic sprinklers, electric fuses, and

safety devices in fire detection and suppression systems.
5.Aluminium-silicon cast alloys in order to refine silicon morphology.




 For less than 10KG order, we use Vacuum packing then packed in wooden box.

 For more than 25KG order, 25KG per iron drum is our standard packing.

1-10KG order: 1KG/bag
 25-100KG order:25KG/drum


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