Оптовая продажа 2022, мужские Бомбочки для ванны из натуральной лаванды fizzies

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Product name
Jumbo size round bath bomb, 2 colors mixed
Main ingredients
Sodium Bicarbonate,Citric Acid,Fumaric Acid,Sodium Sulfate,Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
Product Features
Vegan/Cruelty-Free, stained-free,100% safe for sensitive skin,just 1pcs can complete your SPA
Size / Weight
Special effects
Applicable scene/people
Shelf life

Bath bomb questions you should know about
1. Does bath bomb stain your tub?
Normally it won't, but some pigments are more likely to stain your tub, even your skin, such as Red 28, and we recommend trying not to go with this pigment. If you really want to add it, then add a little more surfactant to the formula, it will create foam to help clean, also, please wash your tub immediately after use.

2. Does bath bomb clog your drain?
Most of the them will not, bath bomb can be completely dissolved. Unless the following two cases:
There are dried flowers, but usually stopped by the filter; There is plastic glitters, this is more serious, because it is very small and not easy to decompose, we recommend trying not to add this to your bath bomb.

3. Why the water turn black after using bath bomb?
Because your bath bomb contains red, yellow and blue pigments, as we know: red + yellow + blue = black.
Many people don't like this color, especially children, black scares them. To change this, you can only choose the color at your discretion, don't let all three colors exist at the same time in your products, or the amount of one of the pigments should be very small.

4. Why are bath bombs fading?
Yes, bath bombs will fade after a while. This is because UV light can break chemical bonds and discolor objects, and UV light is everywhere. This problem can only be improved by the storage environment.

5. How to make floating&spin bath bombs?
We think there are two factors that affect floating, composition + molding pressure, try to use some less dense composition, and the molding pressure is smaller (less dense), the exploding salt will be able to float easily on the water.
If the center of gravity is not on the center point, then it will spin, is not imbalanced caused, when the bath bomb produces more bubbles spin more, so you can say that the spin has some relationship with the composition, the bubbles provide enough power.

6. How long should bath bombs fizz?
It depends on the size, formula and fizzing reaction. the larger size definitely lasts longer, the multi-foam lasts longer
less-foam, cornstarch can slows down the dissolution rate.
As an example: 100g floating multi-foam lasts about 5 minutes, less-foam about 3 minutes.

7. How long is the shelf life of bath bomb?
Normal is one year. But if you are talking about the fizzing reaction, generally within six months is the best, this also depends on your storage environment. due to its own composition, bath bomb is easy to absorb moisture in the air and lead to the loss of fizzing reaction. We recommend that using as soon as possible rather than wait.

8. How to store your bath bomb?
Please be sure to store in a cool, dry place, avoiding sunlight, with humidity at in 35-45%. It is recommended that individual consumers place inside a sealed jar.

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