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Recycled Disposable Custom Made Moulded Protective Pulp Paper Tray Packaging


Dry press paper tray,Wet press paper tray
sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, A4 paper edge pulp, carton pulp, newsprint edge pulp,etc.
mobile phones, cosmetics, electrical appliances, toys, glass bottles, lighting, ceramics, etc.
1. It can produce products with various specifications and complex shapes through molds,
 so that it can meet the packaging needs of products with various shapes, facilitate isolation 
and positioning, and prevent collisions. 
2. The paper is light and soft, and the overall structure has suitable strength and rigidity, 
which makes it have good protection and cushioning properties. 
3. It has ideal ventilation and moisture absorption, which is conducive to the preservation 
of food. As long as an appropriate amount of waterproofing agent is added to the slurry, 
paper-plastic products can achieve good water resistance; for example, egg trays and fruit
 trays can be filled with water not higher than 35 ℃ within 24 hours without water marks on
 the reverse side; but generally The inner packaging of industrial products does not need to 
have this performance, because waterproofing should be a requirement for storage, transportation, and outer packaging. 
4. According to needs, pulp molded products can be flame-retardant, anti-static,waterproof, laminating, printing, and applied to terminal retail packaging. 
5. In terms of protective packaging, molded pulp products have many advantages over EPS,
 EPE, and EPP cushioning parts: the raw materials of molded pulp packaging products are
waste paper and various fiber materials, which are widely sourced and easy to collect. The environment and recycling create obstacles that are conducive to product exports. However, foamed plastics are derived from petroleum products, and resource depletion and price problems will become more and more serious.



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