Органическое съедобное чистое натуральное органическое масло семян камелии олиферы, масло камелии

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Bulk price 100% pure organic cold pressed camellia oleifera seed oil

Product Description

Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil

Camellia oleifera is a unique oil tree species in China. Camellia oleifera is a unique high-quality edible oil in China. Camellia seed oil grade can be comparable to olive oil. Camellia oleifera is a treasure all over the body. The seeds of Camellia oleifera are made by pressing or extracting at low temperature. Camellia oil is a kind of high quality edible oil with good color, flavor and rich nutrition. Camellia seed oil has the functions of lowering blood pressure, blood lipid and softening blood vessels. Long-term consumption, human skin tender and moist, dark hair shiny, and increase human immunity, with a very high value of beauty and health care.

Products Function

It is a highly protective oil, being naturally rich in antioxidants including Vitamin E and Polyphenols, thereby enhancing the skin's natural ability to safeguard from external irritants. When applied to the hair and scalp, Camellia Seed Oil hydrates, softens, adds luster, and tames dandruff.

Product Application

1.Culinary use

Apply a spoon camellia oil when cooking. It is looks fresh, taste well, no pectin and little oil lampblack during cooking. It is an ideal seasoning for cold salad without any peculiar smell.

2.Cosmetic use

Used in baths, washing and hair protection, applied on the face, neck and hands. As a compound of the oily phase, camellia oil has excellent skin and hair conditioning properties. It moreover presents skin restructuring and moisturizing virtues and is also used for its nail strengthening property.


Camellia oil is a favorite traditional tool treatment among both samurai and woodworkers, used both for preventing corrosion and for easing chisels and knives through their work. Light and odorless, the oil is non-staining and doesn't affect glue-up.Use a light wipe on all your steel tools to keep them clean and shiny.

OEM Service

Product #
Artichoke Extract
2.5% UV
Bacopa Extract
40% UV, 50% UV, 10% HPLC
Ginger Root Extract
Berberine HCL
Powder, Granular
Rhodiola Rosea Extract
3% 1% HPLC
Red Yeast Rice Powder
3%,5% HPLC
Black Garlic Extract
98% UV ,95% HPLC
Powder,Granular, Micronized
Diosmin:Hesperidin 9:1
Acerola Extract
25% VC Tirtration
Rosehip Extract
25% VC, 50% VC Tirtration
Sea buckthorn Extract
5% VC Tirtration
Black Elderberry Extract
2% Anthocyanidin UV
Griffonia Seed Extract
98%,50%,30% ,25% HPLC
1.5, 3%, 5% HPLC
Lemon Balm Extract
1-15%Rosmarinic acid HPLC
Broccoli Extract
10% Glucoraphanin
Coleus Forskohlii Extract
10%-20% UV,
10% HPLC
Propolis Extarct
10% Flavonoids UV
Milk Thistle Extract
Silymarin 80% 
Ajuga Turkest Extract
Beet Root Powder
Betanin 1%-10%
Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract
Polysaccharide 30% 50%
Green Tea Extract
50% EGCG
Turmeric Extract
95% Curcuminoids

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