Комплект постельного белья из полиэстера, лоскутное одеяло, Королевский размер, предлагает Дешевое легкое покрывало из полиэстера, королевская кровать

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Product parameter

Below is regular size. We can customize as your requirements.

Bed Sizes
Flat Sheets
Pillow Case *2pcs
71"* 79"
(180CM * 200CM)79"* 79" (200CM * 200CM)

59"* 79"
(150CM * 200CM)


(102 x 102“)
50 x 75cm(21 x26")
50 x 50cm(18x29")
71"* 79"
(180CM * 200CM)
79"* 79" (200CM * 200CM)
59"* 79"
(150CM * 200CM)

(102x 102“)
50 x 75cm(21 x26")

Product Description

.Healthy no odor, no chemical additives, no odor
Do not produce any irritant to human skin.
2. The disappearance rate of bacteriostatic and anti-bacterial and harmful bacteria was up to 48% in one hour and 24 small
When up to 75%, effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.
High soaking of air
3. High moisture absorption, perfect humidity management, 3.5 times the breathability of wet cotton, quick absorption of moisture
and transfer to the outside, healthy and environmental protection
4. Original ecological processing, which is made from natural natural wood and adopts 7 processes of pure environmental
protection, with strong deodorization and adsorption function

European satin
Interpretation of European classic kit
Originated from the romantic and elegant European design style, the interpretation of modern elegant delicate life, experience the
trend and taste;Using retro design, ke Shanggui and elegant acid as one, atmosphere fashion, rich court temperament

combined with modern fashion and aesthetic consciousness, USES soft colors and delicate techniques to
create a royal noble and luxurious style. Deep French classical cultural complex and strong nostalgic style are the essence of
lace jacquard series

Envelope-type pillowcase with wide edge, silk lace, elegant fashion, exquisite workmanship, all highlight the luxury quality,
luxury home you deserve

Joining together bed is tasted
European round corner sheet design, beautiful fashion, friendly skin, delicate lotus leaf edge design,
three-dimensional sense to enhance the quality of products, exquisite workmanship first-class, let you enjoy noble!

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