DD 90 мм EDF 12 лопастей Ducted Fan с 1450KV RC бесщеточный мотор баланс протестирован для 6S Jet

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Advantages:All the EDF with motor have already dynamic balance tested.Running smoothly,Easy cooling,Stable structure,Safe and durable,excellent realistic sound.Make your plane more Efficient and stable.All the motor has been soldered the banana plug.

Main Parameter: 90mm EDF with 1450KV/6S motor: max continuous current is 124A,max thrust is 3790g.Motor weight 224g.Thus we recommend 120A ESC and 6s battery.

motor: motor Continuous operation, high temperature resistance,wear resistance and stable,it’s more anti-aging and durable.Premium motor provides stable and balanced operation when in continuous working.

High-Quality ducted fan:fan make of high-quality engineering materials,Sturdy body,stable structure.Removable guide ring design,Adapt to a variety of models.

Pure copper wire: strong conductive, fast heat dissipation, high temperature resistant silicone wire.

Material: PA66+GF

Gold plated connector: Φ4.0

KV: 1450KV

Motor Weight: 224g

Housing Weight: 145g

Max Voltage: 25.2V

Max Current: 124A

Max power: 3125W

Max Thrust: 3790g

Set Weight: 379g

diameter: 90mm


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