Детская интеллектуальная говорящая карта на английском языке для раннего обучения детская флеш-карта звуковая обучающая машина обучающие

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Audible Flashcards for Preschool Toddlers
1. 3*1.5V AAA batteries power supply, environmental protection and energy saving.
2.5 levels of volume can be adjusted, long-term listening will not stimulate the baby's eardrums, and it will automatically shut down if no one uses it for 10 minutes.
3.Some cards have no sound effects. (For example vegetables, color, food, etc.)

*Product Name:Flash Cards Early Education Device
*Age Range:2 to 4 Years
*Device Weight:82g
*Battery Capacity:3*1.5V AAA batteries
* Device Color:Yellow
*Device Size:4.21"x3.54"x0.83" inch
*Flash card:112 cards-224 side

SUNCHIP Flash Cards for Toddlers - 112 cards - 224 side
We are committed to making learning fun for children. SUNCHIP Flashcard is designed for children ages 1to 4, to improve their learning and cognitive abilities. It is a good way to learn by playing games, toddler can improve their ability quickly.

Our new card reader comes with 112 cards, 224 patterns and words. children can learn about food, colors, vehicles, vegetables,fruits, animals. Shape and sound are combined, wow! Amazing. that suitable for kindergarten, classroom, preschool education.

Great learning toys for 1 2 3 4 year olds boys girls.

Interactive Game
The latest flash card educational set, better interactivity with baby. Toddler can gain knowledge through games.
QR Recognition
Each card has a QR code, and the card reader can recognize and pronounce the words.
224 Shape and Word
The preschool card set contains 112 cards. Children can learn about colors, animals, vehicles, vegetables, fruits, character and more.

Break the Traditional Way of Boring Flashcards Teaching !

Everything in the world is full of fun for toddlers , babies can use this sensory toys to connect the illustration with the physical object in real life to exploring the world.

Battery Capacity
3*1.5V AAA batteries
Device Size
4.21"x3.54"x0.83" inch
Device Weight
Recommended Age
1-4 years old
Product Model
Flash Cards Number

Packing & Delivery

Gifts Package:
*Flash Cards Machine x 1
*Flash Cards x 112
*AAA batteries x 3
*Instruction x 1
*screwdriver x 1

Company Profile


Q1. How many words are there?
-->112 cards in a set

Q2. Does this have a volume control?
--> Yes, the right button is 5 recycle volumes control.

Q3. Is it ok for a 3 year old kid just playing in home?
-->Yes,it is ideal for 1-4 years old kid to play and study.

Q4.Is this product easy to use?
-->This product is very toddlers friendly. Kids place the cards into the groove and the machine will speak the word on the card and emit sound of animals.Press the left button, the sound can be repeated.

Q5. How is the battrey?
-->3*1.5V AAA batteries power supply, environmental protection and energy saving.

Q6. Does this require a computer download of any kind?
-->No,just insert the flash card to read.

Q7. Does it help children learn to talk?
-->Yes, it helps toddlers to learn words and know animals while playing

Q8. What's the difference of the four flash cards?
-->The pictures and words are different,and some cards can simulate the sound.

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