Пивоваренное оборудование SUPBREW 30 л/электрическая пивоварня/все в одном микропивоварня Микро Мини домашняя

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Professional Electric Mash Tun/Beer Brewery


A Device Custom Made For Cleaning, Mashing, Filtering, Washing, Boiling,Chilling.


We Are Professional Beer Mash kettle Manufacturer


All Accessories Are Made Of 18/10 Stainless Steel


Full Line Up to 30L 


Welcome OEM ODM


If You Want Professional Beer Mash kettle



Please contact us!


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Product Description

Craft beer brewery 9278, is your all in one brewing system, to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user-friendly, intuitive design, and innovative features, make this your perfect brewing companion for both experienced and beginner all grain brewers. It is made from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel with a 30L capacity, designed to make up to 22L 25L of beer from one brew. The 9278 includes Stainless steel unit and inner inserted Counter Flow Wort Chiller.


Craft beer brewery 9278 is electrically powered and designed to be used indoors. No need for burners, or hot plates, just plug in and go! It is fitted with a controlled heating element so that the correct power can be used depending on what stage of the brewing process you are at. A gentler heat is used at certain stages for accurate temperature control and to minimize the risk of scorching and after the mash, it can also ramp up the heat quickly for when more vigorous heating is required. Heating from mash to boil takes as little as 20 minutes.


· Programmable step mashing

· Power controlled

· Delayed heating - fill your brewing machine with water the night before and wake up to your water at strike temperature ready for brewing straight away

· Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit easily

· Waterproof graphic display

Electrical Requirement:

· Power Requirements: 220-240 V

· Power Supply Outlet Requirements: NEMA 6-15R or NEMA6-20R compatible


· 304 Grade double layer stainless steel body

· Power Requirements: 220-240 V

· Power Supply Outlet Requirements: NEMA 6-15R or NEMA6-20R compatible

· Heating Element: 2000 W

· 30L Capacity

· Expandable grain basket to suit grain bills up to 10KGS

· A robust magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM)

· Counter flow wort chiller which can cool wort to less than 16℃ within approx 20-30 minutes.

· Tempered glass lid for maximum durability, heating efficiency and visibility during your brew day.

· Clips to easily convert your brewing machine into a home distillery with the Pot Still Attachments.


Pump Features:
A 6 Watt, 1,800 RPM magnetic powered pump has been fitted to recirculate the wort through the grain bed for maximum brewing efficiency. This is also used during the cooling stage to pump hot wort through the wort chiller. The pump also makes the cleaning process quick and easy by pumping the cleaning detergent through all the pipework. The magnetic drive pump has been selected after rigorous testing of multiple pump styles to ensure it meets the tough demands required of continuous brewing. The pump is concealed by a stainless pump cover, which is easy to pop open, giving you direct access. A pump filter is fitted inside the brewing machine to prevent hops and stray grain from entering the pump or pipework, keeping the wort clear while also preventing any blockages.

Inner Counter Flow Wort Chiller Features:
An inner counterflow wort chiller has two connection points. One side is connected to the inner brewing kettle, while the other is connected to the cold tap water. The hot wort is then pumped through the copper inner coil while the cold water is pumped through the outer in the opposite direction, providing instant cooling and heat exchange. The cooled wort can then be pumped directly into your clean, sterile fermenter. This reduces the chance of contamination as nothing is inserted in the wort, and it is only passing through the wort chiller one single time, going straight to the sterile fermenter where the yeast is added. 22L-25L of wort can be cooled in as little as 20 minutes. The cooled wort temperature will be cooled to approximately 18℃ above whatever your tap water temperature is. 

Grain Basket Features:
A stainless steel expandable grain basket allows you to brew with anything from 5KGS - 10KGS of grain. The fitted perforated plates and telescopic pipework allow you to easily adjust the size of the grain basket to suit the size of grain bill. Select to START When ready for sparging, a basket lifting handle is then inserted into the grain basket to lift it up directly, out of the wort. allows the grain baskets feet to rest on the specially designed support ring to allow the grain basket to drain while you can batch sparge over the top.


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Company Information


Foshan Shunde Jindi Co., LTD locates in Shunde China, BRUCE LEES RESIDENCE.

Our company is professional at developing and manufacturing craft beer brewing machines: double layer stainless steel beer mash tun, Fermental tun and Beer storage Keg, Beer Bottle, and is a technical manufacturer who can provide the relevant craft beer brewing solutions.


Our company's business philosophy, exporting superior products is to build better, more direct platform for the customer. We will continue to be based on "good and professional services" services among the new and old customers, to give back to society, innovation in the future.

Our own motto, sincere, trust, refined, frequently, provide perfect service for each customer.


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