Наконечники для зубцов из карбида вольфрама TBM защитный резак туннельных расточных

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Working principle of shield machine:

Shield machine is a kind of very advanced underground tunnel construction equipment, it can not affect the ground conditions under the condition of operation, thus to improve the feasibility of the construction, reduces the cost, and can protect the reputation of the ancient buildings, ground and in the city of the rail transit, highway railway tunnel, river-crossing cross-sea tunnel and has a wide range of USES in hydropower project construction such as tunnel.

The working principle of the shield machine in the underground is somewhat similar to that of the electric "razor" for daily use.

There is a round blade in front of the shield machine, and there are many blades installed on the blade (shield tooth). When it works, it matches with the jack. The cylindrical component shell of the shield machine plays a temporary support role for the excavated tunnel, and then carries out mud circulation, lining and grouting behind the wall.

Advantages of tungsten carbide TBM shield cutter:

1. Use 99.95% high purity raw tungsten carbide powder.

2. It has high wear resistance and impact resistance.

3. Rock hardness is high, impact load is large, coarse particle WC is used, rock impact is small, impact load is small, medium particle WC is used as raw material.

4. Shield machine tool is divided according to the cutting principle, it is generally recognized that there are two types of hob and cutting knife (according to different properties of tunnel surrounding rock, different cutting purposes, these two types of tools can be further subdivided). The cutting principle of the hob is mainly relying on the tool extrusion rock, generally used for rock tunnel tunneling.

Hob type tools can also be used when there are large gravel sizes (larger than 400mm in diameter) across loose formations, and the content reaches a certain percentage. In addition, the tunnel geological conditions are complex and changeable, the rock (strength is not too high) and the general soil (or clay or sand) interleave frequently, it is possible to use the hob cutter, that is, in the composite shield machine. The cutting principle of the cutting tool is mainly that when the shield machine advances forward, the cutting tool generates axial shear force (along the tunnel forward direction) and radial cutting force (along the tangent direction of the cutting tool spiral) on the soil of the excavation surface.
Constantly cutting down the soil before excavation. The cutting knife is generally suitable for the loose body formation of sand pebbles, sand soil, clay and so on with particle size less than 400mm.

The commonly used brand is YG8 YG8C YG9C YG11C

5. Can be customized according to customer samples or drawings.

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