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Product Name: Titanium dioxide

CAS NO.: 13463-67-7


Product NameTitanium dioxide
CAS NO.13463-67-7
Molecular FormulaO2Ti
Boiling Point2900 °C
Refractive Index2.61






Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7 naturally exists in titanium ores such as titanium ore and rutile. Its molecular structure makes it have high brightness and covering, but it must be chemically extracted and purified first. Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7 can reduce environmental emissions and energy consumption while manufacturing high-quality pigment products.


At present, Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7 has become the preferred technology in the world. White inorganic pigment. Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7 is one of the most powerful white pigments with excellent hiding power and color fastness.  




Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7 is suitable for opaque white products. Rutile type is especially suitable for outdoor plastic products, which can give products good light stability. Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7 is mainly used for indoor products, but it has a slight blue light, high whiteness, large hiding power, strong coloring power and good dispersion.

Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7 is widely used as the pigment of paint, paper, rubber, plastic, enamel, glass, cosmetics, ink, watercolor and oil color. It can also be used in the manufacture of metallurgy, radio, ceramics and welding electrodes.


In recent years, Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7 has been found that nano titanium dioxide has some special uses, such as sunscreen cosmetics, wood protection, food packaging materials, natural and man-made fibers, transparent external durable finish and effect pigment, as well as additives for high-efficiency photocatalysts, adsorbents and Titanium dioxide CAS 13463-67-7. 















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A: We do provide our clients small sample (Sample size from 1-100 grams). Free samples can be provided for some products due to the material cost.



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