08BHP SS08BHP 12 7 мм 0 5 дюйма шаг горячая Распродажа передачи полый штифт

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Product Description

08BHP SS08BHP 12.7mm 0.5 inch pitch hot sale transmission hollow pin chain

Simplex Roller Chains: 04C-1, 06C-1 , 085-1, 08A-1 , 10A-1,12A-1,16A-1,20A-1,24A-1,28A-1,32A-1,36A-1,40A-1,48A-1
Duplex Roller Chains:04C-2 , 06C-2 , 085-2 , 08A-2 ,10A-2 , 12A-2 , 16A-2 , 20A-2 , 24A-2 , 28A-2 , 32A-2 , 36A-2 ,
40A-2 , 48A-2
Triplex Roller Chains&Bushing Chains:04C-3 , 06C-2 , 085-3 , 08A-3 , 10A-3 , 12A-3 , 16A-3 , 20A-3 , 24A-3 , 28A-3 , 32A-3 , 36A-3 , 40A-3 , 48A-3
Carbon steel Hollow pin chain : 08BHP 10BHP 12BHP 40BHP 50BHP 60BHP 80BHP C2040HP C2050HP C2060HP C2080HP
Stainless steel hollow pin chain : SS08BHP SS10BHP SS12BHP SS40BHP SS50BHP SS60BHP SS80BHP SSC2040HP SSC2050HP SSC2060HP SSC2080HP


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Changsha Terry Machinery Co.Ltd is a leading supplier of bearings, linear motion system for CNC, ball transfer unit and transmission component. The growing industrial and favorable policy of Changsha benefit the development of Terry Machinery. Our products are utilized in industrial, motorcycle, vehicle and Automation applications. Now we are exporting to 46 countries including USA, GBR, Germany, Spain, Poland, Turkey ect. The goal of Terry Machinery to provide out customers with widest range of products at competitive prices, backed with the best Service.


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