Нетканая фильтрующая бумага для пищевых продуктов впитывающая масло приготовления пищи высокая

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Описание и отзывы


Products Description

Product Name
Cooking blotting paper
White Color
Soft Comfortable Eco-friendly

1.Be sure to use chopsticks etc. when putting the oil-absorbing film in or out of the pot, and be careful not to touch it with your hands.
2.You may get burned if you directly touch the pot and soup.
3.Please be careful to prevent the oil absorbing film from overflowing the outside of the pot. The oil-absorbing film may be dissolved by heat when it overflows the pot.
4.When the broth is low, be careful not to burn the oil absorbing film.
5.Do not reuse. (1 tablet at a time)
6.Do not use the oil absorbing film once used.
7.Do not use it in a pressure cooker.
8.Do not use it for laying the bottom of pans, making pan dishes, oven dishes, grilling (grilled meat and fish), frying food, or using it in oil filters, etc.
9.Flammable material, do not place it near fire.
10.Keep it out of the reach of infants and young children.

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Company Profile

Tiantai Haifeng Filter Material Co, Ltd was established in 2009 and owns the"Fengjie "brand. It is located in the national 5A-level scenic area-Tiantai Mountain It is a professional manufacturer of skeleton non-woven fabrics, ES hot air cotton, composite cotton, and air filters Filter bags, liquid filter bags, and other high-efficiency filtration products for junior high school manufacturers. The company has advanced pro duction equipment, a complete management system, and has its own raw material production company. The company is committed to creating a comfortable and clean air environment for users, and providing customized services to meet the different needs of users. Let us take faith as the foundation and quality as the root, and work hand in hand with you in the field of filtration and purification.



Q: How to ensure the quality of the goods?

A: We will provide a large number of samples before shipment, they can represent the quality of the goods.

Q: If the minimum order quantity is too high?

A: We need to dye fiber or wool first, and then use large machines to produce. If the order is too small, our cost will be too high, but if we have stock, we can help you find it.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: The production lead time after receiving a 30% wire transfer deposit: 14-30 days.

Q: What kind of payment method do we accept?

A: Wire transfer, letter of credit at sight, and cash can be accepted.

Q: Is there a charge for samples?

A: Spot samples can be provided free of charge, and the delivery fee is paid by the buyer.

If there are special requirements for making samples, the buyer shall pay the corresponding sample fee.

However, the sample fee will be refunded to the buyer after the formal order.

Q: Can you produce according to customer's design?

A: Of course, we are a professional manufacturer. OEM and ODM are welcome.

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