Термальная бумага 57x30 мм POS-принтер 10 рулонов мобильный BT кассовый аппарат рулонная pos-терминал

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Made of high-quality wood pulp, this printing paper is safe and long-lasting to use, which can keep the paper for a long time without fading.
The paper is normal white paper, and it has no adhesive, hot printing directly, saving time and strength for you.
The receipt paper is waterproof, oil-proof, scratch-proof and smooth, which is thin that can be refilled into the device easily.
And the receipt paper can be printed clearly and easily, you can use it for a long time without being cracked.
When the thermal paper in the camera is used up, you can refill the paper easily, the 10 rolls of paper are enough to meet long-term needs.

Material: wood pulp.
Color: white.
Size: 57*25mm.


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