Металлолом в бутылках из поликарбоната металлизированный и прозрачный металлолом для ПК CD

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Commodity: PC CD & DVD Disc Scrap.
Speciation: Whole and broken mix. 10 to 12% broken disc separately.
Quantity: In one 40 ft HQ Container: 25 MT.
Packing mode: 50 KGs PP woven bags or Jumbo packing.
Delivery time: within 7-12 days.


- Washed: cold washed 
- PVC: Less than 0.03% 
- Size: 0.5 - 1.5cm / 0.35


Pet Flakes: White Clear/Green
Washed: Cold Washed
Viscosity: Less than 1%
Moisture: Less than 1 %
PVC: Less than 0.03%
Cap and Lable: Less than 0.1%
Melting point: 245 - 265 degree C 
Size: 0.5 -1.5cm
Packing:30kgs each woven bag


We sale best quality recycled plastic scraps like LDPE Scrap,PP Scrap, EVA scrap, HDPE Scrap, PS Scrap, ABS scrap and others and we are looking for serious buyers that are in need of any type of plastic scraps contact us for more details.


Pet bottle bales scrap
Pet flakes
Ldpe/LLDPE film scrap
Hdpe milk bottle scrap
Abs computer scrap
Electric Motor scrap
Auto and track battery scrap
CD/DVD Scrap
PP jumbo bags scrap
Carpet Scrap Nylon
PE / PA Film Scrap
BOPP Rolls and Bales
PVC Rigid Regrind
LDPE Printed
PET Regrind
PAI (PolyAmide Imide)
PET Trims from Lawn Mover Bags
occ waste paper
PVC window scrap
EVA film scrap
Pmma sheet scrap
PVC flex and pe scrap
PVC pipe scrap
Pet preform scrap
pet movie film scrap
PET Sheet Scrap
PET X-Ray scrap
Mixed Plastic scrap



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