Китайская заводская цена 99.99%, 16 кг, серебристый белый твердый слиток висмута для косметических химических реагентов

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Product Description


Product name: Bismuth ingot

Properties: White or pink, soft, brittle, swelling phenomenon when solidified

Density: 9.8g/cm3, melting point 271

Spindle weight: 16kg± 0.5kg

Main uses:

Mainly for the production of including bismuth alloy, medicine, chemical reagent, melting point alloy, nuclear reactors stack coolant, bismuth as is safe to use "green metal", except for the pharmaceutical industry, but also widely used in semiconductor, superconductor, flame retardants, pigment, cosmetics, chemical reagents, electronic ceramics and other fields of "silvery white with rose metal, qualitative hard and brittle, easy to shatter, It has the characteristics of cold expansion and heat contraction.

Bismuth is a silvery white to pink metal, brittle and easy to be crushed. Bismuth has relatively stable chemical properties. Bismuth is found in nature as a free metal and mineral. Bismuth was previously thought to be stable with a large atomic mass, but in 2003 it was found to be extremely radioactive.

Main uses:

It is also widely used in semiconductors, superconductors, flame retardants, pigments, cosmetics, electronic ceramics and other fields of "silver white with rosy metal, hard and brittle, easy to crush, with cold expansion and heat contraction characteristics

Used in the manufacture of fusible alloy, melting point range is 47 ~ 262℃, commonly used is bismuth with lead, tin, antimony, indium and other metal alloys, used in fire equipment, automatic sprinkler, once a fire, some water pipe pistons will "automatically" melt, ejects water. In fire and electrical industry, used for automatic fire extinguishing system and electrical wire, solder. Bismuth alloy has the property of non-shrinkage during solidification.

Bismuth implements standard GB/T915-2010

Bi99997 Bi9999 Bi9995 Bi998

Product specifications 375×140×30mm

Bismuth ingot

It is mainly used to produce bismuth alloy, medicine, chemical reagent, bottom melting point alloy, coolant of nuclear reactor and so on.Character silver white with rosy metal, hard and brittle, easy to crush, with cold expansion and heat contraction characteristics. Density 9.8g/cm3, melting point 271℃, ingot weight 16kg± 0.5kg


Product name Bismuth ingot Appearance Silver white solid
CAS No 7440-69-9 EINECS No 231-177-4
Molecular weight 208.98 Density 9.78 g/cm3
Melting point 271.50 °C (520.7 F, 544.7 K) Boiling point 1,564 °C (2,847 F; 1,873 K)
Type Rhombohedron Heat of solution 11.30 kJ/mol
Expansion rate 3.3% Purity 99.99%, 99.999%


Chemical Content
Element Standard Value
Zn 0.0010
Fe 0.0005
Sb 0.0005
Te 0.0003
Ci 0.0015
Cu 0.0010
As 0.0003
Pb 0.0010
Ag 0.0040
Total 0.0045




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