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Hot Sale 1L 4L 5L 0W20 0W40 5W20 5W30 5W40 5W50 10W30 10W40 15W50 15W40 20W50 SAE50 Engine Oil And Lubricants




We have Motor Oil manufacturing plant, we supply types of oil for many types of modern vehicles

Notice: We only sell oils that meet international standards(Don't supply motor oil that does not meet international standards).

If you need customized engine oils of higher quality, you can send us your oil samples, and we will produce them for you according to your oil samples.

Product Description


Extended Performance SAE Engine oil is an advanced full synthetic engine oil that keeps your engine running like new and provides protection for up to 15,000 miles between oil changes – guaranteed.
Motor oil SAE 10W40 features a special formulation that helps to provide outstanding protection during today's longer oil change intervals.Advanced Full synthetic formula/Precise balance of performance additives/Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability/Provides exceptional engine protection/Excellent low temperature capabilities

ApplicationsRecommended for all types of modern vehicles
MOQ500 liters

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We export 300m/1L/4L/5L/18L/200L engine oil to our clients!! contact us now!

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