Умный светодиодный контроллер освещения лестницы, 32 шага, датчик движения, адаптер для системы освещения лестницы

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Product Name
LED stair Induction Controller
Motion Sensor Stair Lighting
DC 12V/24V
Steel for housing,powder coating black
Applicable lamps
Led low voltage soft lamp strip
Working temperature
- 40 ~ 60 ℃
Number of channels
Protection level
Product size

Product Description

Product function description:
1. Press the key quickly to adjust the speed of the light strip. There are four gears (60 seconds, 45 seconds, 30 seconds, 15
2. Press and hold the key for 5-6 seconds to enter the step setting mode. *Long press the switch once to set the first step
stairs, *Short press the switch a second time to set the second step stairs, *Short press the third time to set the third step
stairs, and so on.
3. After the operation is completed, press and hold again for 5-6 seconds to automatically save the corresponding settings.

1- A/B sensors need to be installed at the entrance and exit of the stairs and face the human body.
2- The product is low voltage 12V-24V, need to connect transformer. Do not directly connect 220V, it will burn the controller.
3- The product is not waterproof.

Important note:
The positive and negative terminals of the power supply input of the controller cannot be reversed, the red wire V+ is connected to the positive electrode of the switching power supply, and the blue (or black wire) V- is connected to the negative electrode of the switching power supply.

Controller operation:
1、 Long press for 3 seconds to set the number of lights on the stairs, click the button until all lights are on, up to 32 steps, long press again to confirm.
2 、The blue light indicates that the serial number light is turned on
3 、Touch the button to adjust the speed of turning off the lights on the controller. The higher the four gears, the slower the lights will turn on and turn off.

Installation Tips:
1. When the lamp is plugged into the controller, be sure to find the socket of the corresponding serial number
2. The controller and sensor can be hidden in the electric box
3. Be sure to connect the positive and negative poles, the red is the positive, the blue is the negative, and the low-voltage current is DC12-24V, not AC220V/110V
4. It is recommended to bury the line in advance and install the lights when the stairs are decorated.
5. The wiring needs to be disconnected, and the wiring cannot be plugged in to avoid short circuit

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