STEM образовательная деталь робота металлический луч серия 0824 шасси механические

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Product Introduction

Item Name
Metal Robot Beams
Model Type
Beam 0824
Anodized Aluminum
Orange (can be customized)
M4 screw, M4 nut, driving hub, or D8 shaft, etc. 
Hole distance
8 or 16 mm

Weeemake Mechanics
Weeemake is an educational robot DIY platform. We offer mechanics, electronics, software, curriculum, and one-stop kit for our customers.
We divide the mechanical system into 4 categories: Executive/ Structure/ Power/ Transmission.
• The "Structure" is a system of mechanism that shapes the machine.
• "Power source" is the power drives the system, such as motors, steering gears, etc.
• The "Transmission" is the mechanism by which power is transmitted from an engine to the wheels of a motor vehicle.
• The "Executive" section is an institution that the system ends.

Details Images

High quality, 100% brand new material with inspection. Beam 0824 is one of the most common used slide beam.

Beams: Industrial design, perfect for DIY, robotics, prototyping applications.

Anodized aluminum with sand blasting surface, strong and durable. Weeemake beams are often used to build a framework, chassis, and so on. WEEEMAKE beams include slide beam 2424 series, slide beam 0824 series, round-edge beam 1030 series, beam 1010 series, beam 0808 series, beam 0410 series, and linkage 0208. The number of each beam model represents the thickness and width. Holes on beams are 4mm or 8mm diameter, easy to connect with each other with M4 screws and shafts.

Brackets and Plates: Connecting part.

A good connection part for motors, beams and shafts. Screw holes are 4mm or 8mm, easy to assemble with M4 screws and M4/M8 shafts.

For complete price list of all parts, pls contact us.

Company Profile

Weeemake is an educational robot company that integrates research & development, manufacture/production, and sales. We are focusing on metal DIY robot parts, RJ11 and KF2510 series electronic modules, programming software (scratch, arduino c, Python programming), and curriculum development. Based on this platform, we offer a series of educational learning robot, robot training kit, development board and kit for worldwide users.

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