Оборудование для переработки мягких и твердых автомобильных аккумуляторов 1000 кг/ч, машина для переработки литиевых аккумуляторов

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Products Description

Waste lithium ion battery contains various rare raw materials such as copper, aluminum, graphite powder and lithium powder, and has high recycling value.

The lithium battery recycling machine production line produced by Tianyu machinery can disassemble and separate various lithium batteries to obtain copper, aluminum and graphite powder with higher purity. Effectively protect the environment and make rational use of resources.


Technical Detail

The electrode material is separated from other materials by physical crushing method, and valuable elements are recovered by screening, wind separation, etc., including copper particles, aluminum particles, black powder, diaphragm, etc., to improve economic value.

Shredder :For the first crushing lithium batteries into smaller pieces.
Crusher : For the secondary crushing of shredded materials.
Grinder : For the grinding of the crushed materials.
Separation machine: Separate the materials after being ground.
Collector : Collect and release the dust.
Pulse purifier (air cleaner): Clean all the dust produced during the operation of the whole system.
Classifying screen:Screen the materials sorted by the separation machine,and screen out of larger metal materials.
Magnetic machine: Separate nickel from the metals.
Gravity separator:Separate those finer materials got from the screening machine and separate the metal completely.
High-pressure blower: Keep the whole system in a negative state so as to collect the materials and purity the air.

Functional Performance

The lithium battery recycling production line is used for dismantling and recycling waste lithium battery. Such as the hard package battery, car battery, laptop's battery,
soft pack-age battery, toy battery, cellphone battery,
Shell battery, Cylindrical battery etc.

The final products of this plant is Copperaluminum, lithium cobaltate and graphite powder, and available in two forms, granular and powder.


1. The waste lithium battery can be broken and reused.
2. Less investment and quick results.
3. It is a valuable investment project in the lithium battery industry.
4. High degree of automation and simple operation.
5. Solve the problem of waste gas pollution in the process of physical crushing and sorting of waste lithium batteries, and effectively use them.

Customer Case


In order to better give you professional answers, when sending the inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical
requirements (such as: processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.) and attach your contact information (such as phone number, e-mail, whatsapp, etc.)

1. How long is the product warranty period ?
A: the product warranty period is 12 months since shipping date.

2. I am a foreign customers, if the machine works wrong, how your company solved ?
A: We have professional engineers abroad, after receiving your request, we will solve your problems at first time.

3.Where can we buy the machine's parts?
A: Our company can provide machine`s parts for your any time.

4. Voltage in your country(price here based on 380v,50hz,3phase )?
A:220v/240v/380v/440v/480v or other customized available.

5.: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are manufactory, and we can give you lower price than those trade companies. Besides, customers from Alibaba can get a discount.

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