Габаритная лампа для грузовика 24 В, шина для автобуса, светодиодная лампа, установка, освобождение Dongfeng, прицеп, посадка, Прямая продажа от производителя

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Product introduction

Company profile

Shandong Jiuqiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd
We are a bus parts dealer from China. We have operated a bus accessories store for 20 years. It has rich experience in Bus accessories and maintenance. We also deal in other types of accessories. For example, accessories of engineering vehicles such as trucks and excavators. We sell filter elements, tires, electromagnetic clutches, fans and other products in other countries

We have maintained long-term cooperative relations with many Southeast Asian customers. They have also established deep friendship with each other. Because we believe that being honest and trustworthy can make more good friends. Build more partnerships.
In the past few years, we have actively gone to various accessories exhibitions of manufacturers and arranged Exhibition cabinets for many times. Promote our products to more customers at home and abroad. And we also make friends with many domestic high-quality parts manufacturers. Maintain a good cooperative relationship with them. This gives us more resources.
Because it has a large number of high-quality resources and advantageous prices, it has also attracted a large number of customers to seek order help from us. At home, we have a good reputation. Therefore, we began to expand the scale. Think of foreign customers and actively promote us. Establish cooperative relations with more customers. Bring better quality and cheap products.

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1.What kind of company are we?
We are mainly engaged in accessories of Chinese passenger cars, suspension shock-absorbing airbags, tires, filter elements, electromagnetic clutches, evaporative condensing fans and excavator engineering vehicle accessories.

2.How to establish business cooperation with us?

We welcome friends from all countries to talk about cooperation with us. I also believe we will have a pleasant conversation. You can add our business specialist's wechat, WhatsApp or email to communicate. You can also contact us directly through Alibaba store

3.contact information

whatsapp:+86 187 6641 8130 +86 158 6673 0793
wechat:+86 187 6641 8130
+86 130 6402 9852
Email: shandongjiuqiang@gmail.com lishuangzhang3@gmail.com

4.About logistics delivery

After we receive the payment or deposit. Arrange delivery within 15 days. Choose the logistics with affordable price and transportation time, and deliver the goods to you as soon as possible.

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