Дермальный наполнитель 3 в 1, средство для удаления морщин, устройство для неигольной мезапи, омоложение кожи, неигольная мезотерапия, радиочастотная Электропорация

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Product Description

Product Name
No-needle Mesotherapy Device
Package size
28*28 *10CM
Input Voltage
Remove wrinkle,Whitening Skin rejuvenation
Available,MOQ is 300pcs
Working voltage
Less than 12V
Skin beauty

Instrument has 10 effects:
1)Promote lymph circulation.
2)Minus the expression lines, light bitter lines.
3)Remove the dark yellow skin and edema.
4)Remove the double chin.
5)Effectively eliminate dark circles and eye pouch.
6)Shrink pores, promote blood circulation.
7)Anti wrinkle, enhance eyes round.
8) Activate collagen laAyer to promote skin cell regeneration.
9)Enhance more skin elastic, more compact.
10)Enhance facial contours, promote fat dissolution.
The characteristics of:
1)Needle-free therapy (non-invasive)
2)Does not destroy the skin surface and skin cell organization
3)Efficient solution permeability
4) -15℃ strong cooling function can quickly cool the skin after
laser/microne, so as to calm the skin.
5) The cold treatment system can make the capillaries that dilate due to high temperature shrink sharply, reduce local congestion, so as to
achieve the effect of redness and swelling. It can effectively shorten the downtime and reduce the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation.
D - COOL Advantage:
1) Advanced cold therapy and heat therapy function(cold treatment 0~-15℃/ heat treatment 0~40℃)
2) Electroporation with high permeability
3) Pulse mode (+) or (-) can be set according to the polarity of the solution.
4) Suitable for various types of solution introduction, ordinary solution with pulse +, dimension C products with pulse -
5) Reduce the postoperative slow down period and reduce the risk of pigmentation after inflammation
6) Compact handle design

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