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Product Description

Product performance description
Benefit from Helium LongFi technology, which maximizes range and battery life without Wi-Fi, cellular or it, introducing Heltec indoor hotspots to the community. As an efficient miner of the new cryptocurrency Helium (HNT). It's completely easy to set up in minutes with just your smart device. With its efficient power management system, it allows you to build your LoRa application at lower cost. Equipped with a high DBI antenna, this unit provides long-range wireless network coverage and data transfer capabilities to your devices, ensuring you earn more profits and contribute to the network of people in the Helium community.

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Use the tutorial

Activation process
Step 1: Download Helium APP through Apple Store / Google Play.

Step 2: Connect the antenna first (required), and insert the network cable (if needed). Plug in the power cord and Hotspot will
automatically turn on.
Step 3: Use Helium APP to connect to Hotspot.
*Select Indoor Hotspot from the list of hotspots

Read Hotspot deployment and diagnostic instructions.

Orange light is always on or flashing, system start up.

When the power button LED flashes, it is turned on.
Choose your Hotspot and connect via .
According to your situation, choose to use Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Product Usage

Status indication LEDs
1, Power button with blue LED
        It flashes for five minutes after power on, and you can connect to  at this time;
        The  connection is successful or the flashing stops after five minutes of power on. 

2, White       - system status
On: The system is running. 

3, Blue          — Wi-Fi connection status 

4, Orange    - block chain synchronization command
Blinking: Sync
Steady on: Synchronization ended 

5, Green      - LoRa receiving

Description of product use effect产品使用效果说明
Interface and interactive
1,5.5mm diameter socket: 12V DC power source input;
2,RJ45 socket: Ethernet connection;
3,Anti-theft lock hole: Anti-theft lock interface;
4,Power Button with Blue LED;
5,SMA Socket: LoRa antenna with inner holes and threads;
6,Type C Socket: Firmware flash during production and system recovery for user;
7,1mm diameter hole: System recovery trigger, need to cooperate with the reset button or power-on sequence.

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Company Introduction


Q1: What’s packing list of 1 miner parcel?
* Indoor Hotspot x 1
* 12V / 3A DC adapter x 1;
* DC adapter 220V power cable x 1;
* SMA LoRa antenna with 1.5m cable x 1;
Q2:Does the Heltec Indoor Hotspot has PoE features?
Answer: The device itself does not have the PoE function, but it can be realized through a PoE splitter.
Q3:What is the material of the Heltec Indoor Hotspot shell?
The body is made of 6063 aluminum alloy, which has good mechanical strength and thermal conductivity. And the top panel is tempered glass.
Q4:Why is my machine status is Relayed?
The main reason is because the network that your miner connected does not have a public IP address. In the relayed state,miner connecting to the blockchain network via another device through the P2P network. Due to network delays and other reasons, the success rate of challenges and witnesses will decrease.
Q5:How can I make my miner not on the Relayed status?
1. You need have an public IP address, this can be applied to the local operator department to change your network’s IP address into a public IP, or it can be achieved through a VPN solution;
2. On the the router, mapping the 44158 port to miner.
Q6:How many HNT can be dig every day?
As of November 11, 2021, there are a total of ~305,000 hotspots on the Helium . Excluding some offline and invalid devices, there are a total of about 280,000 valid hotspots.
At present, the total number of HNT that can be mined every day is ~50,000, so on average, each machine can currently dig 0.18 coins per day.
But this does not mean that if your miner is plugged in and connected to the network, it can generate 0.18 HNT. This is related to the network status, the number of surrounding devices, the number of challenges, and the number of witnesses.

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