Распродажа высококачественный дизайнерский маникюрный педикюрный инструмент для ногтей разделитель пальцев ног маникюрного

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When it comes to daily nail care and decoration, it is vibrating, touching, and difficult to separate.With a new high-density sponge-specific toe, separate the fingers and toes, and complete the individual finishing process, let the daily nail care go smoothly, to prevent vibration and touch the dried nail polish.


When applying nail polish, the tool can be used to separate fingers or toes to prevent untouched nail polish.

 The sponge material is soft and lightweight, and it is very comfortable.Universal fingers and toes.

100% Brand New high quality!
High quality toe separator foam - ideal for separating toes or fingers for filing, buffering, or any other pedicure tasks.
These toe/finger separators make pedicures easier by helping to protect fresh nail polish as it dries. They also provide easy access to all areas of the nails.

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