99% корастворитель промышленного класса, белый порошок криолит

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Products Description

99% industrial grade cosolvent white powder cryolite

Product Information

Product name:99% industrial grade cosolvent white powder cryolite
Product color: white, powdery, sandy, granular, or light red
Scope of application: the products are widely used in aluminum alloy additives, fluxes, abrasives, metal smelting, glass manufacturing and other industries.
Cryolite is mainly used as flux in aluminum electrolysis; It is also used as a wear-resistant additive for grinding products, which can effectively improve the wear resistance and cutting force of the grinding wheel, and prolong the service life and storage time of the grinding wheel; emulsifier for enamel, opacifier for glass, flux for welding materials, filler for ceramic industry, pesticide and other industrial enterprises.

Application Range

Functions and Features

Sandy cryolite
1.Low melting point and fast melting speed, which can shorten the time to enter the normal working state;
2. The molecular ratio can be adjusted in a large range, which can meet the different requirements of cryolite molecular ratio in different periods of electrolytic cell;
3. Low moisture content and small fluorine loss;
4. Granular, with good fluidity, which is conducive to transportation;
5. Easy availability of raw materials and low production cost.

Granular cryolite
1.Good fluidity, dust pollution, suitable for mechanized blanking;
2. High yield in electrolytic production, which can reduce the cost of electrolytic aluminum; 3. The molecular ratio is between 2.5 and 3.0, which is especially suitable for the start-up of electrolytic aluminum;
4. Most particles are 1 ~ 10mm.

Powdered cryolite
1. It can achieve high particle size, usually more than 200 mesh;
2. The molecular ratio can reach 1.75 ~ 2.5, with good adjustability;
3. For ultra-fine products, the passing rate of 325 mesh is more than 98%, which can meet the requirements of cryolite in special industries.

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Packaging and Shipping

Packaging Details
-brown paper bag or plastic woven bag
-25kg (55lb)/bag, 40 bags packed in a 1000kg (2200lb) bulk bag.
-25kg (55lb)/bag, 40 bags on a 1000kg (2200lb) pallet.
-1000kg (2200lb)/jumbo bag.
-Customized packing availble
Port: Tianjin/Qingdao/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Ningbo
Lead Time :3-25 days

More About Us

1.About our Company
TONTEN was established in Hong Kong, China in 2016. GONGYI TONTEN ABRASIVE CO., LTD, HENAN FOY INDUSTRY CO, LTD, and GONGYI CHENGQI MACHINERY Co, Ltd. They are three subsidiary companies of machinery and equipment, abrasives, refractories and water treatment chemical products, integrating product design, R&D, production and sales, adopting international quality standards, with years of sales experience at home and abroad.

Now we are well-known in domestic and foreign markets n view of the most reliable products and excellent customer service, we have successfully established a global sales network covering more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia,etc.

2. About our products:
We are specialized in production of Abrasives Material, Refractory Material, Filter Material, Wear Resistance Material, Chemical Products etc. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.
1). Abrasive material: Brown fused alumina(BFA), White fused alumina, Garent, Ceramsite foundry sand, Quartz sand, Black silicon carbide, Aluminum oxide, Ceramic sand, Glass Microsphere, Copper Slag, Walnut Shell, Corncob etc.
2). Refractory material: Light weight insulation brick, High alumina brick, refractory brick for pizza ovens , Castable, Bauxite
3). Filter Material: Quartz sand, Walnut shell, Ceramic grain filters etc.

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LFC Coating
Steel Shot

Colored ceramic particles
White Fused Alumina
Black Silicon Carbide

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