2022 лучшие продажи Солнечный инвертор 18.5kw 220 В VFD частотно регулируемый привод драйвер постоянного тока

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Place of Origin
Guangdong China
Brand Name
Product name
Frequency Inverter
Product Series

1. The default frequency of this inverter is 0-50HZ, and the reverse function is closed by default. If you need to change it, please contact us.

2. Please try to meet the recommended voltage for DC input, otherwise the conversion power of solar energy will be reduced.

3. DC and AC power can not be used at the same time, otherwise it will damage the inverter and solar panels

4. The solar inverter is only suitable for solar panels to generate power to drive fans, water pumps and other loads. It can be selected according to the voltage and power of the motor. If the depth of the submersible pump exceeds 30 meters, it is recommended to zoom in 1-2 levels.

5. Regarding how to configure solar panels (assuming that the solar panels are configured as 24V 300W and the motor power is 4KW), such as 220V motors, the total voltage of solar panels in series meets DC 200V-400V (it is best to configure 320V), then 380V motors, The series voltage meets the DC 400V-700V (optimal configuration 540V) voltage calculation method: Take the best configuration 540V as an example, 540V/24V≈23. The power calculation method is: 1.2 times larger than the motor power, the solar panel power is 300W, the motor is 4KW, (4000X1.2)/300=16 (then the best configuration is to use 23, take the maximum value)


Q1: How to order? A1:SENDUSINQUIRY - Receive our quotation + negotiate details + confirm sample contract/deposit + mass production
+ goods ready - balance delivery - further cooperation Q2: How about sample order? A2: We are honored to provide you with samples
for quality inspection, please contact us for more details.
Q3: Which shipping method is offered? A3: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS, China Post, SEAAREAVAILABLE. Other shipping methods are also
available, please contact us if you need to ship by other shipping methods.
Q4: How long does it take for delivery and shipping? A4: DELVER time depends on your order quantity. Usually it takes 7-20
working days, the exact delivery time may vary for different orders or different times.
Q5: How does your factory conduct quality control? A5: Quality first. We always attach great importance to quality control from
start to finish of production. Each product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packaging.

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