Низкое удлинение, УФ-стойкость UHMWPE, короткое волокно для укрепления бетона

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Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene shortcut fiber is abbreviated as UHMWPE shortcut fiber, which is cut from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene filament fiber.


It is mainly used in engineering concrete reinforcement, textile, laboratory and other fields.


Shortcut fiber can be called chopped fiber, which is generally disordered and is often used to improve the comprehensive properties of reinforced materials. Adding short fibers into concrete can prevent cracking and enhance toughness.




The conventional specification 3mm 6mm. 9mm. 12mm.


Crimp short cut specification 31mm, 38mm, 51mm, 55mm, 76mm.




Application of fiber reinforced concrete composites 

In the mixing of appropriate amount of UHMWPE shortcut fiber, the compressive strength, tensile strength and flexural strength of concrete are greatly improved.


High strength and high modulus 

The matrix strength of fiber-based concrete is much higher than that of ordinary concrete. The mechanical properties of the traditional concrete matrix can be further enhanced by adding a number of traditional fibers into the concrete structure Therefore, this technology has been more and more widely studied and used.



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