Roskoff бразильская оригинальная водка высшего качества 37.5% том дикий вкус в бутылке тройной дистиллированный спирт 965 мл

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Product Description

 Roskoff Brazil Original Superior Quality Vodka 37.5% Vol Wild Taste Bottled Triple Distilled Spirits 965ml


Do you know this vodka based on a modern distillation process which originates a soft and essencially delicate drink, ensuring purity and transparency from beggining to end? It has a name – it’s our Roskoff Brazil.

It fits with fruits to create the most different “caipiroskas”. It matches with other drinks to reproduce classic cocktails. And it has even more to do with inventing, discovering and venturing out through the worldwide bar mixology.

That’s the russian invention in a very Brazilian way.

Try the colored and flavored options: Blueberry, Lemon and Strawberry with Lemon.



 Product Name Roskoff Vodka
 Volume 965ml
 Color Clear
 Flavor Blueberry, Lemon and Strawberry with Lemon
 Packing Glass Bottles




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