Недорогие портативные профессиональные наружные и внутренние складные ножки для настольного тенниса

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Product Description

Cheap portable professional outdoor indoor folding table tennis legs table tennis table

Product Paramenters

Products name
Cheap portable professional outdoor indoor folding table tennis legs Table tennis table
2740*1525*760 mm
Platform size
Indoor or outdoor table tennis

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SMC outdoor special panel rainproof and sunscreen

SMC composite material is mainly composed of GF (special yarn), MD (filler) and various additives.
Good elasticity

The bounce height is 230-260mm, the friction coefficient is less than 0.6, the bounce height is reasonable and the performance is good

High strength, tenacity and strong bearing capacity

SMC table top has the characteristics of impact resistance and not easy to deform. It is equipped with a thick steel frame structure to ensure that the table tennis table has good applicable performance
Reinforced back frame, vertical and horizontal support

The back of table tennis table panel is supported by vertical and horizontal frame, which makes the table hand uniform and prevents deformation over time

Reinforced arch support

The shape is smooth, the figure is bent and formed, and the arch support structure is scientific and effective to conduct and disperse the force on the table, so that the table can be stably supported and the bearing capacity can be doubled.
Plastic spraying and rust prevention of galvanized pipe

The support of the table tennis table is made of galvanized pipe, shot blasting and classic paint surface treatment technology, which greatly improves the antirust performance and makes the table tennis table durable

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