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Product Description

Product NameCrystal hair eraser
MaterialShell:ABS Panel: Glass
Packing size10.7*6.5*3cm
Weight 70g
Product color

Colorful,blue, black,white, gold, sliver, purple,pink,lavender,black red


Packing Quantity100pcs/carton
Outer box specification39*23.5*38cm

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Product shell process

The crystal hair remover surface uses two different processes:
1. Electroplating process: The surface of electroplating is more glossy and the color is more vivid.
2. Frosted process: The color of the frosted surface is more low-key, but the hand feel is better


Craft details stand up to magnification

10 times magnification of the glass panel, you can see the clear texture, the grid is fine and neat.
The most important functional part of the Crystal Hair Eraser is the glass panel. It will determine the effectiveness of the hair removal, and if the sanding is not fine enough, it will even scratch the skin. So please don't blindly pursue lower prices, which may make you get inferior glass panels.


Note: This product can remove hair on multiple parts of the body, but because some people have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you try it on your arms and legs first. Please do not apply too much force on the skin.


Company Information

.jpgHenan Qumiao Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019, specializing in the production of home&storage products for 12 years. It is a supplier with independent product research and development capabilities and a professional e-commerce team. Our factory has more than 2000 products, multiple brands and product patents. Our customers are located in dozens of countries and regions in Europe, North America, Oceania, and the Middle East. Our annual sales exceed $10 million. In order to better serve small and medium-sized dealers around the world, we provide customers with services such as drop shipping, processing, product customization, and free replacement. We look forward to cooperating with distributors and agents in various countries and regions around the world. 

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