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DK-360: Digital Piano Modern and Elegant


DK-360 is suitable for both recreational and professional players. It’s available in three colours: white, black, walnut.


With our reputational 88-key dynamic hammer action keyboard, French DREAM sound sources and self-designed amplifier system, players can enjoy playing as if on an acoustic piano. Its built-in different velocity settings allow you to freely choose the matching velocity for various rhythmics. With reverb and chorus, you can achieve even more outstanding sound effect.


DK-360 is also equipped with MP3 function, so you can use the piano to play the music you like.


Its pedals allow you to play with more control under your feet. Turn on the "Damper Resonance" effect, when the pedal is pressed, it will create a wide and deep resonance effect similar to an acoustic piano.






This digital piano features a full and traditional cabinet design

Volume control:Master volume control

Keyboard:88keys dynamic hammer action(Optional chioce for Graded hammer action)

Display: Yes,blue LED display

Polyphony :92



Transpose:Yes,Level with -12 to +12

Tune:Yes,Level with -50 to +50



Dual:Yes.You can play two different sound in the same time.Like combine grand pioano with string sound.

Split:Yes.With this funciton keyoard will be separate with two parts,you can set up your own favorite sound ,like:left hand parts with Guitar,while right hand part with Grand piano sound.This funtion is helpful in the musical teaching.

Auto Power off:Yes.PIano will be turned off when without playing after one hour.


Integrated Blue-tooth connectivity

Metronome:Yes,Speed level with 20-280.



Connectors: -Headphone *2

-USD-MIDI:can be plugged into an interface or computer for Cakewalks and recording software

-AUX output:so you can play along to your favourite tracks and the line RCA output can connect straight to a mixer or external speaker

Dimension:1380mm X 420 mm X 840mm


 DK-360 (1).jpgDK-360 (2).jpgDK-360 (3).jpgDK-360 (4).jpgDK-360 (5).jpgDK-360 (6).jpg

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