1 Вт 6565 275nm 280nm 22-28 МВт UVC

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Product Description


  JUHLIGHT UVC LED is a deep UV LED device that can emit UVC (260-280nm) and UVA (395-405nm) ultraviolet light at the same time. It adopts high thermal conductivity alumina ceramic support, sapphire glass lens and lead-free solder. The lamp has the advantages of high reliability, low thermal resistance, environmental protection, low light attenuation and large luminous angle. It is an ideal chip device for deep UV light source. The UVC chip mainly adopts Korean PW and Xiamen San'an. The chip sizes are 1020, 2020, 3030, 45mil and so on. Different irradiance and voltage values can be selected according to customer requirements. 60 ° glass lens can also be added, and a single LED can also be treated with IP68 waterproof treatment.



Part NumberWavelengthForward VoltageForward CurrentUVC Radiant FluxAngle



Product features

 Safety and environmental protection

 Highly customized

 High UVC radiant flux

 Long service life


Product application

 Sterilization and disinfection of object surface

 Limited space internal sterilization

 Air and water purification, etc




Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details      1000pcs / roll

Port                            SHENZHEN

Our Services

It can be customized and produced for customers

Company Information

    Shenzhen Juhong optoelectronics Co., Ltd., established in 2014, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of LED. It mainly produces panchromatic in-line led, SMD LED and high-power LED. The products are mainly used in home appliance control panel, instrument and meter, medical beauty, UV disinfection, automotive electronics, communication and other industries, focusing on medium and high-end customized products, and can provide PCBA design, development and SMT of lamp panel, circuit and module. The company introduces international automatic production line, and has advanced high-speed automatic crystal fixing machine, wire welding machine, glue filling machine, color and light separation machine, packaging equipment and high-precision testing equipment.

    The company always adheres to the development tenet of "taking quality as the foundation and seeking development with efficiency". "Customer-oriented, quality-oriented" business philosophy. The enterprise spirit of honesty, innovation, dedication and pragmatism, the modern management mode, the spirit of unity and upward of employees, and the tireless professionalism are the most powerful guarantee for the development of the enterprise; Accurate quality; Strict delivery date; Perfect service is our commitment. From raw material warehousing, product design to product production, each step and process has strict quality inspection, and fine management is integrated into all links of production to compete for market advantages in the form of reasonable price, fast delivery, stable performance, complete varieties and perfect service. The company has passed iso90041 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Its products have passed many international quality certifications such as RoHS, Reach and En62471. All products have passed strict reliability tests before leaving the factory to ensure the stable performance and reliable quality of all products.

    Manufacture high-quality products and grow together with customers!


Factory gate








Production workshop

LED die-bonder production line



LED welding wire production line






         Large integrating sphere                  Small integrating sphere                          Optical microscope

 .jpg   (2).png  .png


               Microscope                         Cold and hot shock experimental    Constant temperature and humidity 

 .png  .jpg  .jpg


                                                            Salt spray test machine




Product certification













Q:What if I don't find the product I want?

A:Because of the wide variety, we don't have all products on the shelves. If you don't find the model you want, please contact us directly!


Q:Can you customize your products?

A:Yes,we focus on customization.


Q:Do you have any LEDs for lighting?

A:We don't have the advantage of unit price for general civil lighting products. We have high requirements for commercial lighting LEDs.


Q:What should we do if we want to receive your reply quickly?

A:You can use Alibaba's chat software or specify a chat software you often use and tell us by  Alibaba, and we will reply to you in time!


Q:I have an objection to the unit price of the product!

A:The price will be subject to changes in exchange rate and market factors. Our update may not be timely. You can communicate with us first.


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