Italian 100% Tagliatelle Durum Wheat Pasta high quality 500gr pack


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Product Description

Durum wheat pasta produced with 100% Italian durum wheat from certified organic cultivation. This pasta is

produced with bronze drawing, which by scratching it by extrusion / compression, gives us the roughness
necessary to absorb any type of sauce. a bronze die. Then our pasta is more porous and capable of
capturing condiments and flavors. A very slow drying called sweating follows, which causes the hot-humid air
created no more than 45 ° to open and close the pores of the pasta for a duration of 15 to 28 hours.
This procedure allows you to keep all the nutritional characteristics of the pasta intact, making it tasty, fragrant
and with high digestibility.
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Net weight per unit: 500 g
1 Carton: 12 sachets

1,4489 s.