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Product Name
Twisted Kinako (brown sugar)
Brand Name
Sapporo Daiichi Seika
Place of Origin

The most popular Twisted Kinako is made using mellow brown sugar to highlight the flavor soybean flour.

Kinako confectionery maker established in 1942. We use only selected ingredients to provide safe, trustworthy and delicious sweets that complement each other to enhance flavor with minimum use of additives.

The manufacturing method is simple: mixing soybean flour and other ingredients → cutting → twisting → drying.

Image of the external box

【Case size】:520×280×388(mm)
【Case weight】:Approximately 4kg

1.Twisted Kinako is a traditional Japanese sweet made from soybean flour that has been made since the Edo period.

2.Contains a lot of protein, vitamin E, dietary fiber, calcium, isoflavones, polyphenols, etc.

3.Sapporo Daiichi Seika is a confectionery manufacturer founded in 1945 that manufactures Kinako sweets mainly.

Our company was founded in Hakodate in 1948 to process and sell local specialties such as seafood as gift products.
For more than 70 years since our establishment, we have carried a wide variety of items for which Hokkaido is famous as well as local specialties such as seafood, confectionery, agricultural products, dairy products, and processed food products.

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