Пшеничная мука с высоким содержанием глютена

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Table of product quality

SpecificationWheat flour of high gradeWheat flour of first grad
Moisture14,5 – 15,0 %14,5 – 15,0 %
Brightnessmin 5440,0 – 53,0
Proteinmin 10 %min 11 %
Flour ash contentmax 0,55 %max 0,75 %
Falling number, smin 220min 220
Raw glutenmin 24 %min 25 %

KG, 2 KG, 5KG paper bags

 25KG50KG polypropylene bags

KG, 2 KG, 5KG paper bags

polypropylene bags


Minimum: 1 container.

All products are certified.

Shipment directly from the manufacturer.

A flexible approach to pricing and payments.

We hope for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation!

Production capacity: 25000 MT monthly;


  • in polypropylene bags, 25kg;

  • in polypropylene bags, 50kg.

packing :

1) 25 kgs / 50 kgs / 10 kgs / 5 kgs, as per requirement

1) we provide packing in buyer's brand name also

8. Raw   material:   The   raw   materials   used   comply   with   current   Ukrainian   food   law.   The storage of the raw materials as well as their processing are conducted with appropriate     care   and   in  accordance     with  the  hygienic   regulations    and  quality control required by the authorities.

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