Эксклюзивные туры на Дальнем Востоке России

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International Tourism Agency "Katyusha" has been carrying out tour operator activities since 2016 in the direction of "international inbound tourism". Today our company offers a large number of travel products for both group and individual tourism. The programs are designed for any age of tourists and at the moment there are more than 50 programs.

All programs developed at Katyusha are exclusive and continue to improve today. Katyusha organizes international friendly matches: chess, basketball, tennis, and in July 2019 we managed to hold a bike ride.

In February 2019, a weekly reception and a forum based on FEFU was organized for 360 (three hundred and sixty) investors from different parts of the world. 2017, 2018 organization and holding of an international music and dance festival.

Travel agency Katyusha provides inbound and outbound tourism services. Tourist destinations: Vietnam Nha Trang (Vietnam) China Beidaihe (China) Dalian (China) Sanya (China) Suifenhe (China) Harbin (China) Hunchun (China) Maritime Territory Pattaya (Thailand) Phuket (Thailand) Turkey Southeast Asia South Korea Seoul (South Korea) Japan Also provides visa processing services.

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